We Are The Fallen Lyrics

We Are The Fallen is comprised of the original members of
multi-platinum trailblazing band Evanescence, guitarists
Ben Moody and John LeCompt along with drummer Rocky Gray,
with enigmatic American Idol finalist Carly Smithson
powering the vocal reins of the new group. Respected
touring and studio bassist Marty O’Brien (Disturbed and
Static-X, among others) rounds out the iconic five-some.
The energetic creative engine behind the launch of
Evanescence, Moody and the other members of We Are The
Fallen found a true partner in Smithson, More...

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Review about We Are The Fallen songs

Fake Song | Reviewer: Lich
    ------ About the song sanctified performed by We Are The Fallen

There's one little problem about this song.
We Are The Fallen released only one album : Tear The World Down. This song is not on that album !
In fact, these are JUST lyrics not the lyrics of a SONG. The song 'Sanctified' with these lyrics doesn't exist.
Please delete it from this site.
Have you ever heard about CONFUSION ?
Yes, you have.

Beautiful song with beautiful sad lyric | Reviewer: MOHSEN
    ------ About the song I Am Only One performed by We Are The Fallen

This song is nothing less and nothing more beautiful. the order of refrains and the changes in them, started from life that never was, love I'll never have and heart to beat again is great.
This song covers depression, grief, sadness, death, infidelity and all darkness of emotional situations of human being in itself.

finally! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Samhain performed by We Are The Fallen

finally ben moody comes back! and he brought a better singer with him! CARLY IS THE BEST! no one can compare! in my opinion, i dont think theyre like evanescence at all! i think theyre themselves. watf can actually play live and i dont think that evanescence can play live at all. i think they suck live actually. i think that watf can beat them any day. i would like to see evanescence try to be better than watf. if amy lee is so great, then why cant she keep a band? wow and why doesnt she ever have guitar in her music? its always her and her gay piano and people worship her?! she cant call herself rock until she gets a damn guitar in there!

takes my breath away | Reviewer: craig
    ------ About the song Sleep Well My Angel performed by We Are The Fallen

i really wanted to hate this band! Amy lee is everything to me! She really is! Her ability to depict emotion in her singing is unrivaled by any other singer i have come across and its gotten me through alot...so i was set on reali disliking this band but i just cant...dont get me wrong, this album is far from on par with any of evanescences, and even tho carly has a magnificant voice, she just fails to touch me. However, i do feel that this song(the best song on "tear the world down") at best matches up to any of evanescences work, and shows that, over time, this band could come into themselves and be just as good as evanescence. Who wouldnt want 2 evanescences!?:D

amazing | Reviewer: liz
    ------ About the song Sleep Well My Angel performed by We Are The Fallen

this band is the best band in the world. great vocal range!!!!!!!! amazing, better than amy lee. ben moody is the person behind evanescence! he did everything! im glad he left because carly can sing amazingly amy lee can also sing she just isnt that great live.

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