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Shiny Toy Guns We Are Pilots Lyrics

Last updated: 07/28/2011 11:00:00 AM

Holding close my secrets
Naked broken pieces
-from the madness in what you do
The fingers point right back at you
What about my problems?
The people try to solve them
I guess I’m under the weather...
Since no one else belongs here, with me

Hello mother,
Some news for you:)
I’m really not that crazy.
Hello father,
I'm curious?
Why you think there's something wrong with me.

Sunday I cried all night...
And it hurt so bad
But if you try to understand--

This is who I am.

Color coated sweetness
Swords beneath my clean dress
I'm making sense of shattered dreams
Because I want you to be proud of me
What about my problems?
The people try to solve them?
I guess i’m under the weather
Since no one else belongs here with me....

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Obsessed... | Reviewer: Stephanie | 7/28/11

I first heard this song when I was 17. Having gone through a lot since then (including coming out as a lesbian), this song has always stuck by me. It's just so true... Four years and I'm still singing this song and making all of my best friends fall in love with it.

tree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/10

This song speaks to me in a big way, being a genderqueer person (that means I was born in a body that doesn't really match the way I feel inside- I'm not trans, but I'm not one gender)

I want to come out to the world, but I fear my parents won't understand...

Some news for you: I'm really not that crazy | Reviewer: corinna | 8/6/10

Every time I listen to this I just have to sing along, even in the middle of class; I'll just whisper the lyrics to myself. This song connects with me on such a deep level, I nearly cried when I first heard it.
I guess I'm under the weather... since no one else belongs here with me...

Hello, Mother .. Hello, Father | Reviewer: hazel | 1/19/10

this song makes me think of my family and my relationship with my parents. i mean this song totally defines me so well right now. like, i love my parents and all --- but they dont believe in what i want to be and what i don't want to be based on their opinionated views of my life. why can't i they accept that 'this is who i am'?

Amazing | Reviewer: paper flowers | 3/23/08

Whenever I listen to this song I can't help but mouth the words. It gives you one of those happy-sad feeligs. The voice the music the lyrics there all great. I LOVE it! ( I capitilize because I scream) Anyway it's great...
I'm making sense of shattered dreams, because I want you to be proud of me...