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Karen Clark-Sheard We Acknowledge You Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 07:23:26 AM

Holy Spirit You are welcome
Come on in, take a seat, inhabit our praise
God of Zion, Judah's lion
We acknowledge Your presence o Lord

God of mercy show Your glory
As we enter this place show us Your face
God of peace, give us peace
We acknowledge Your presence o Lord


We acknowledge Your presence o Lord

Come on in, take a seat
Come on in, take a seat o Lord

We acknowledge Your presence
We honor Your presence
Inhabit our praise o Lord

Come on in, take a seat
Come on in, take a seat o Lord

We acknowledge Your presence o Lord

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That You, What a Blessing | Reviewer: De"borah Butler Brown | 9/28/13

I'm a Gospel singer, the daughter of the Late Bishop Samuel Butler of St. Petersburg, Florida. We also have a Gospel group known as "The Butleraies", my Brother is one the best male singer in history.. Rev. Samuel Butler Jr. Known as Sam, pop or Little Jr. I'm a Leade,and I Choregraphy teaching individuals how to dance under the annointing for the Lord. I truely just adore you, your voice and your annointing. What a God we serve, I thank you for We Acknowledge you, My Church Dance Ministry plan to Minister to this song, on October 20, 2013- For our 100th Centennial Celebration. My wonderful Pastor: Carlos Senior and First Lady Chantell Senior. I just want to say you, this song moves me. Please pray for us to deliever this dance unto the Lord.
De"borah Butler- Brown

glorifing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/08

Praise the lord everybody. Wow what an awesome awesome song. This song is the jam. I had to playit over like 20 million times. And I mean I was dancing. When she said praise the lord everybody. I was jumping.

Happy To Be Blessed | Reviewer: Tatyana Austin | 1/27/08

Dear Karen Clark-Sheard
My name is Tatyana Austin and I am 14 years old. Ever since I heard this song it got me up on my feet and to join my church praise dance team.I go to First Seventh-Day Adventist Church Of Paterson. Also when we dance to this the church had asked us who sing this song and now every Sabbath my church sings this song for praise and worship.

Tatyana Austin

Im Blessed | Reviewer: Victoria W. | 1/1/08

Dear Karen Sheard...
My name is Victoria Wilson and im 12 years old. Ever since i heard this song at my church,
it opend up doors for me that had been slammed shut and locked. I encouraged my self to join a Praise Dance Ministry at my church. We have a dance to that song and every time we dance to that song, God just takes over. He just annoints my body and that song brought me threw darkness into light. (2nd Corinthians chapter 4. vs.6)
And.. God told me.. Go ahead. Praise his holy name. And im not writing this to correct lyrics
or anything. Im writing to tell you that I thank you VERY much... for bringing We Acknowledge You song into this world and through peoples lives.
I know it went threw mine.
Thanks Again and Love Your Songs! - Be blessed and Pray-

-Victoria Wilson
age 12