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Cameo We're Goin' Out Tonight Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2010 12:00:00 PM

We're going out tonight
and I want my friends know
'cause you look just right (well allright!)
And my feelings start to show.
I owe it all to you,
and I'm sure
I'll do,
the things,
you want,
me to.

You shock me
Amaze me
You blow me away.

When I stand next to you, you make me nervous
I can't see a thing beside me.
For days and days I
can't forget you. No, no, no.
My friends ask me why.
My God, you've got me high!

All the things I have I find so hard to get,
but now my luck has changed
and I knew that when we met.

We're going out tonight,
and we'll stand out in the crowd,
'cuz you're dressed just right (whistle).
Even Gucci would be proud.
I don't mind telling you,
you look good.
You look,
so good,
so good,
to me.

Your vibrations move me.
Sensuality grooves me.
I'm hung up on this lovely girl.
I've never seen eyes like these,
your teeth as white as pearls!

Hey, baby you're the wonder of my world.

When we step out tonight the people will applaud.
The girls will say, "My, my"
and the guys will say, "Ooh Lawd!"

I'm in heaven, heaven.
I'm in heaven.

Heaven. Heaven. A heaven just for me.

Heaven (heaven). Heaven (heaven). I'm in heaven.
A heaven just for me.

I thank the Lord for what he's given me.
Ooh, ooh, it feels just right to me.

I'm in heaven.
I'm in heaven.

Ooh. Ooh. I'm in paradise, and I wonder where you gone.
Yeah, I'll never let you down, and I promise that to you.

Heaven, heaven, I'm in heaven. Ooh Lawd.

Heaven (heaven). Heaven (heaven).
A heaven just for me.
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