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Zebrahead We're Falling Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2010 12:00:00 PM

We represent the youth
We're here, we're just like you
We're the ones with all the names
We're the ones that want the same!

Shut your mouth and get ready to listen for once
I think it's time that you back down from your authority (?)
We've had enough and we're ready to stand up
So sick and tired of living in conformity
But I'm afraid(?), not afraid of what's goin on
And I can feel your will as it's washing over me
Can't you see what we have all become ?
Try to drown me and kill my individuality

...from our certain set of values
Endless possibilities, none of these we can't do
As I climbed up the...(?)
And as I turn to tell you, I saw you slippin' off, off

Now we're falling
We're falling
Now we're not alive
We're not the type
Conform we know we're not alive
We stand alone, we're all alone
We're thinking for ourselves !

Shut your mouth and get ready to listen for once
We hear what you said but we agree not to listen (?)
We've had enough and we're sick of hearing stuff
And each time for action, burn all
And I'm to blame, not to blame for what's goin on
Dwelling all the places you pretend you can't see
Can't you see what we have all become?
And I believe my future's not up to you, it's up to me!



Hurrinize ??


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