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Edward We're Bringing Our Own Horse Lyrics

Last updated: 04/05/2006 12:00:00 PM

The Horsemen ride!
There is no tradgedy
When the Horsemen ride
Though there be
4 billion dead
4 billions of gallons
of bloodshed
4 billion dead

We will stand today
We will have our revenge
As we mount on our horses
The truth we defend

We ll not die
We will not give
No matter how high

Thats why

We've our own horse to ride
We're bringing our own horse to rideX4

There is no tradgedy

They are falling by the Wayside
And they are Dieing
And thier Holy Pope reigns

A system of lies
They say
Don't lie
So they can
hang you high
It's all fucking lies!
Fucking Lies!

Thats why
On the edge
And we're comming with Horses instead


And we're for
And we're for
We're free
No matter!

There's a tradgedy
When you
Take a man
Take him!
Take all of his freedoms away

When you stuff your culture down his throat
You make him
He can't stand
And we're not giving in!
Cause Anarchy is here
Anarchy is what we've een waiting for
And we're bringing it!
And we're comming on our horse!

And we're riding on the Apocalypse
and we're riding on
We are vengence!X4

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