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Ben Lee We're All In The Together Lyrics

Last updated: 08/31/2011 11:00:00 AM

I woke up this morning
I suddenly realised
We're all in this together
I started smiling
'Cause you were smiling
And we're all in this together
I'm made of atoms
You're made of atoms
And we're all in this together.
And long division just doesn't matter
'Cause we're all in this together...yeah

I saw you walking
In the city
We're all in this together
The city's changing
cause we are changing
and we're all in this together
every 12 seconds
someone remembers
that we're all in this together
In the kitchen of your rent control apartment
we're all in this together

come on baby i don't mean to rush you
I only wanted to reach out and touch you
I've got to start to open my heart

I know you think about jumping ship before it sinks
but we are all in this together
ask a scientist
it's quantum physics
we are all in this together
and on the subway we feel like strangers
but we're all in this together
yeah i love you and you love her and she loves him
But we're all in this together

You know baby there's never been protection
and all the history of human connection
come on darling its alright to show me
you dont ever need to be lonely
once you start to open your heart

I saw you crying
I started crying
cause we're all in this together
and then religion is a big decision
but we're all in this together

we are all in this together (x12)

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loved it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/09

i know ppl say its too repetitive but i love it so much i dont mind hearing it all a few times over! its a great song with a good meaning and yes the lyrics are slightly corny but that just makes it better!

Great!!! | Reviewer: Rebecca :) | 11/5/08

I am doing this dong for my english presentation for lyrics. its so good i love it!!! it has so much meaning and everyone should read the lyrics and really think about what it means to them!!
:) We are all in this together!!!! its true....

A deeper Review ;) | Reviewer: Jacqui ^-^ | 8/1/08

While some think this song repetitive and boring, I argue that I believe Ben Lee is simply trying to get a point across: We are all in this together!

This phrase can have a wide range of depth, from something you could just glance at to something you can think about hours on end, agreeing with it and finding new reasons why this song rocks so much!

Some people also think it is corny, with lyrics like "You're made of atoms, I'm made of atoms", however this is one perfect example of why the main phrase is so powerful and meaningful. Think about it: That person you hate is just as human as you are! You're both made of atoms, so why not get along?!

This song has very, very good music. It's mainly just the guitar and Ben, but they manage to keep a great, but slow, beat. I think one reason why someone wouldn't like this song (other than how repetitive it is) is because of it's slow beat, which does compliment the repetitiveness (sp?).

I love this song how it is, but I believe it would be very cool if they gave it a faster beat and put in a few more instruments, like the electric and bass guitar and drums.

[All in all]
Well done Ben Lee and all those apart of making this song. It rocks!!

awsum song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

I love this song!!!!!!
i am in grade six and we are singing it at our grade six graduation and i think this song has a lot of meaning to it and i hope you all listen to it because it is a great song!!!!!!!!!!

Is This Review Heplful to you | Reviewer: Fred | 10/21/07

I like ben lee and i like this song we are alkl in this together.
the reason why i like it is because when the red sheild appeal was on we listen to this sing and i loved it ever since and my sister downloaded it and i listen to it every night i think every should listen to this song when they get the chance to because you will love this song and when you listen to it you should read the ltrics to because they are really cool

cute song | Reviewer: mary | 8/28/07

i love this song, and so does my boyfriend. So does like everyone i know. cause the song is cute, catchy, and true.

i love it i love it i love it

Wonderful | Reviewer: Michelle | 8/8/07

I love this song because it's just so calming and yet non-enforcing on how we all need to realize this is one world and we are all on the world together and we need to be in it together and I appreciate this song for that. It's a wonderful song and he did a wonderful song.

I'm happy now | Reviewer: Jackie | 7/28/07

This song makes me happy, the realization that yes, we are all in this together is comforting :) Have a great day everyone!

Rocking | Reviewer: Sabrina | 7/25/07

I love this song it was so like...................lets just say it is a really good rocking song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're Alin this together | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

The Song is amazing cause i like the songs melody and it's a slow beat song and it's just great u rock Ben Lee