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Toxic Narcotic We're All Doomed Lyrics

Last updated: 12/30/2003 10:25:56 PM

we're all doomed, whats the use
fuck the world and pass the booze
embrace the end with self abuse
cuz either way we're born to lose!
i detest your positive outlook and here's some reasons why
to war and hate and genocide we're all desensitized
pollution, mass starvation, diseases spread unchecked
take your pick, we all get sick, which one of us is next
i don't need religious predictions or prophets from the past
to see this so called civilization is never gonna last
so take your hopes and take your dreams and shove them up your ass
don't like suck? you're out of luck the end is coming fast
everywhere i look, everyone i see
everyone i know is dying from disease
everything i love, everything i hate
nothing really matters, nothing can escape!
Thanks to travis workman for submitting We're All Doomed Lyrics.