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Dolly Parton We'll Get Ahead Someday Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2000 08:24:39 PM

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Duet by Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner
Writer Mack Magaha
Copyright 1967

We'll get ahead somedays we'll get ahead someday
If the sun comes up and my wife cuts down we'll get ahead someday
Well I get up early work hard all day listen to the troubles of my friends
But I don't realize till I get home whan an awful shape we're in
The car's wore out kids need shoes got a bill from a doctor today
The landlord said you'll get out tomorrow if you don't get me some pay
We'll get ahead someday...
The paper says there's a sale downtown I gotta have some money today
Well there's things at home that's never been used you bought last bargain day
Well you go out one Saturday night just spend too much money on wine
Well I work hard all week long and I gotta have a little fun sometimes
We'll get ahead someday...
If the sun comes up and my wife cuts down we'll get ahead someday

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