Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Waylon personified the outlaw country movement of the '70s.
Though he had been a professional musician since the late
'50s, it wasn't until the '70s that Waylon, with his
imposing baritone and stripped-down, updated honky-tonk,
became a superstar. Jennings rejected the conventions of
Nashville, refusing to record with the industry's legions
of studio musicians and insisting that his music never
resemble the string-laden, pop-inflected sounds that were
coming out of Nashville in the '60s and '70s. Many artists,
including Willie Nelson More...

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Review about Waylon Jennings songs
love you but dont know if you love me | Reviewer: fifi and cocoa
    ------ About the song Write Your Own Songs performed by Waylon Jennings

i love you but i dont knw if you love me like i love you
take all thous mean thngs i said and throw them out the window
sometmes i get mixed up so culdyu tell me hw u fell im stck right now i love u do yu love me

JJ Cale wrote Waymore's Blues | Reviewer: Bill in Ocean Shores
    ------ About the song Waymore's Blues performed by Waylon Jennings

I love the lyrics and music regardless who covers it. But let's give credit to the great mudician eho wrote it, JJ Cale , just passed "After Midnight" in La Jolla, God rest his soul and let's keep loving his music.

My name is Amanda | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Amanda performed by Waylon Jennings

My name is Amanda and my aunt would sing this song to me and play her guitar for me growing up. I used to not care much for the song, but now that i am older i realize why and i also have grown to love waylon although he is no longer with us, his legend lives on within me it seems. When i hear this song i smile because it brings back memories. I have come to realize that waylon is GREAT!!

what i see in the mirror | Reviewer: nathan
    ------ About the song Write Your Own Songs performed by Waylon Jennings

when i come home from i go to my mirror i dont see myself i only see hatred and sorrow i worry about tomorrow what i see in the mirror it tells me what will happen to my life and i see a 20 year old man with a knife looking like he wants to die but wy is he thinking he can get a better life in the afterlife because thats what i see in the mirror not my reflection i only a woman with pale complexion looking like she just got a cold in the hospital she reaches for the plug i try to stop her but she cant hear me because im just a reflection in a mirror the lady with the pale complexion pulls the plug nurses and doctors come running in looking horrified one of the doctors look at me and said this is what you saw in the mirror then i nod and the day after that i look in the mirror and all i see is just my face

lost honor | Reviewer: Nathan
    ------ About the song Write Your Own Songs performed by Waylon Jennings

once i was famous but now infamous just a drunk mugging otner punks in back alleyway i was a war hero saving lives i was in the news,the paper,and the internet but now im just a zero with one little snap and your honor is gone i oust to own a mansion but now i just walk down the street stealing other peoples money because im the queen be without honey i but now with one little post i lose my honer that picture is a fake wy would people make such fake thing now im just an outcast now i earned my part in a history book because with one picture i am the wolf without a pack i need to cut my slack i need to regain my rightful stat in the history book i because i need to find my lost honor

unbelieveable song...Revelation | Reviewer: Gary Walter
    ------ About the song Revelation performed by Waylon Jennings

I heard this song on cirrus radio "The Willie Nelson channel" and I actually stopped the car to hear it. I then wrote the name and artist down and now I play it constantly and I have sent it on to at least 100 people that have never heard of it.
When armegedon does happen, it will be just like the words in this song says. God Bless you Waylon Jennings.

Most memorable song - no one ever heard | Reviewer: BeyondMom
    ------ About the song Revelation performed by Waylon Jennings

I have had this song in my mind for nearly 40 years. I have never been able to forget it. I, too have wanted to buy it all of this time. I am hoping that I can buy it on iTunes. Either way, I wish it got more play time on country stations.

air | Reviewer: adama
    ------ About the song Good Ol Boys performed by Waylon Jennings

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What this song means to me | Reviewer: Steve Van Hoose
    ------ About the song Amanda performed by Waylon Jennings

I've been a Bluegrass/Country performer for about 30 years now. Amanda was the VERY first song I ever sang before an audience. My knees were knocking together as I sang, but when I finished, everyone whooped and hollared, and a ham was born. Hearing that song always brings back that memory. Will miss you Waylon.

Every lusting word she said | Reviewer: Pip
    ------ About the song Right For The Time performed by Waylon Jennings


Right For The Time
------Waylon Jennings/Pip

Almost out of adolescence and into a world I didn't know
Not necessarily love but in trouble with a fire down below
Looking back for a feeling it's just something far away and long ago
I can’t recall her name and she's really someone I didn't even know

But she was right for the time
She was right for the time but time has a way of moving on

I do recall a gypsy lady and a younger man in over his head
I was her believer taken in by every lusting word she said
It was there for the first time the sweet and the bitter taste of lust
When you're young and alive too much never seems to be enough

It seems the young and the innocent are drawn “like a moth to the flame”
To the wild and the reckless believing they are one in the same
She never found a way to separate the good from the bad
And she never understood that lust was all we ever really had

She was right for the time but time has a way of moving on
With her eyes on tomorrow one day I turned around and she was gone
I'd have to say in a way I just might be better off alone
She was right for the time but time has a way of moving on

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