Waylon Jennings Albums

  • Goin' Down Rockin': The Last Recordings Album (9/25/2012)
    Goin' Down Rockin'
    Belle of the Ball
    If My Harley Was Runnin'
    I Do Believe
    Friends in California
    The Ways of the World
    Shakin' the Blues
    Never Say Die
    Wasting Time
    Sad Song And Waltzes
    She Was No Good for Me
    Wrong Road to Nashville

  • Love Songs Album (3/1/2005)
    Yours Love
    You Ask Me To
    Come With Me
    Let's Turn Back the Years
    It'll Be Her
    Waltz Me to Heaven
    Dreaming My Dreams With You
    Storms Never Last
    It's Not Supposed to Be That Way
    Didn't We Shine
    We Had It All
    Them Old Love Songs
    Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want to Get Over You)

  • Folk - Country Album (7/28/1998)
    Another Bridge To Burn
    Stop The World (and Let Me Off)
    Cindy Of New Orleans
    Look Into My Teardrops
    Down Came The World
    I Don't Mind
    Just For You
    Now Everybody Knows
    What Makes A Man Wander
    Man Of Constant Sorrow
    What's Left Of Me

  • Closing In On The Fire Album (6/16/1998)
    Closing In On The Fire
    Best Friends Of Mine
    Just Watch Your Mama And Me
    She's Too Good For Me
    Be Mine
    Easy Money
    The Blues Don't Care
    Untitled Waltz
    No Expectations

  • Right For The Time Album (2/1/1996)
  • Waymore's Blues (Part II) Album (9/13/1994)
  • Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals & Dirt Album (6/1/1993)
  • Too Dumb For New York City, Too Ugly For L.A. Album (8/1/1992)
  • Ol' Waylon Sings Ol' Hank Album (7/1/1992)
  • Clean Shirt Album (2/1/1991)
  • The Eagle Album (2/1/1990)
  • Full Circle Album (10/1/1988)
  • A Man Called Hoss Album (10/19/1987)
  • Hangin' Tough Album (1/1/1987)
  • Will The Wolf Survive Album (3/10/1986)
  • Turn The Page Album (7/1/1985)
  • Never Could Toe The Mark Album (2/1/1984)
  • Waylon And Company Album (9/1/1983)
  • It's Only Rock And Roll Album (3/1/1983)
  • Waylon And Willie 2 Album (2/1/1982)
  • Black On Black Album (2/1/1982)
  • Music Man Album (2/1/1980)
  • Greatest Hits Album (9/1/1979)
  • I've Always Been Crazy Album (2/1/1979)
  • Waylon And Willie Album (2/1/1978)
  • Ol' Waylon Album (2/1/1977)
  • Are You Ready For The Country Album (2/1/1976)
  • Mackintosh And T. J. Album (2/1/1976)
  • Dreaming My Dreams Album (6/1/1975)
  • Waylon Live Album (2/1/1975)
  • The Ramblin' Man Album (2/1/1974)
  • This Time Album (2/1/1974)
  • Lonesome On'ry And Mean Album (2/1/1973)
  • Honky Tonk Heroes Album (2/1/1973)
  • Good Hearted Woman Album (2/1/1972)
  • Ladies Love Outlaws Album (2/1/1972)
  • The Taker / Tulsa Album (2/1/1971)
  • Cedartown Georgia Album (2/1/1971)
  • Singer Of Sad Songs Album (2/1/1970)
  • Waylon Album (2/1/1970)
  • Country - Folk Album (2/1/1969)
  • Just To Satisfy You Album (2/1/1969)
  • Hangin' On Album (2/1/1968)
  • Jewels Album (2/1/1968)
  • Only The Greatest Album (2/1/1968)
  • Nashville Rebel Album (2/1/1967)
  • Love Of The Common People Album (2/1/1967)
  • The One And Only Album (2/1/1967)
  • Leavin' Town Album (2/1/1966)
  • Sings Ol' Harlan Album (2/1/1966)
  • JD's Album (12/1/1964)

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    Reviews about Waylon Jennings albums
    The best Waylon album I ever heard | Reviewer: Johnny Moondog
        ------ About the album Waymore's Blues (Part II) performed by Waylon Jennings

    The best Waylon album I ever heard. Every song is a gem. A mature artist reflecting on a life well lived. Got to see him in a roadhouse a few years after this came out. Lucky me.

    Lesser known but great songs by waylon | Reviewer: Lucy jackson
        ------ About the album Waymore's Blues (Part II) performed by Waylon Jennings

    Old Timer is my all time favorite WJ song, great lyrics don't know why it's so unknown...no good for me & come back and see me are really good too...I loved this album especially these songs wish I could have heard him sing Old Timer! Only saw him once the year bf he died in ky...miss Waylon! Wasn't too hard on the eyes either;-)

        ------ About the album Leavin' Town performed by Waylon Jennings

    I love this album.... I actually have it. But it is old and beaten up.... I wish I could find someone with one in good condition that could put it on CD for me... That and Nashville Rebel.... The old songs were the best songs... I was lucky enough to see him when I was very young and was just starting out.. My parents bought me an album and he signed it for me. Something I will always treasure! Good memories... Take me way back!

    Scary | Reviewer: David Hall
        ------ About the album Ladies Love Outlaws performed by Waylon Jennings

    I heard this song on XM AMERICA and it's scary. Makes you wonder what you're doing. Where can I find the song?

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