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Jacquees Wave To Ya Boyfriend Lyrics

Last updated: 07/06/2013 06:14:32 AM

[Lil Chuckee:]
Uh, hello ms. lady I heard your heart screamin out Chuckee come and save me, Yea I can take over your heart love voodoo, I'm your next now he your ex we outta here wave to him

Aye, It's like a walk in the park, them other brothers throwin darts in the dark, they got no chance of even hittin the target, look at he lame I seen him shoppin at target Oh, Sometimes the best moves the fast move, your boy's trippin don't get hit with that wackjuice James Brown said you've got to have the feeling we're on a bike and yep your boys third-wheelin so let him go

See your a poor, poor, poor pretty little thing walkin all alone at this time of day, ya man thought he was to grown for ya, yea we gone fix that right but first thangs first we gotta wa-a-ave goodbye,
Why don't you (wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend tell him goodbye [x2]), I don't mean to be rude but that girl she deserves that dude, So won't you wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend, wave to your boyfriend tell him goodbye

It's like takin candy from a baby, she call me honey and I'm callin her my baby, you need to chill, girl you know I got a sweet tooth, I'm diabetic but I'm never gona leave you, Oh, now girl let's dip like the Tootsie Roll, you throw it over and I'll dip like the Super Bowl, now listen honey you can wave like a ball game, slap to the base and then is what we all sayin


So won't you won't you won't you wave

[Lil Chuckee:]
Uh, Jacquees couldn't said it better, see ya'll don't have no chemistry all I see is a shadow of you holdin on with a smile that's what you battle, but all he doin is shadowin your blessin red devil, see I can rock your world, heavy metal, and we can tour the world, that's only if you let me, hugh and I can be your secret weapon, young Martin baby tell your ex get to steppin

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