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Gavin DeGraw Waterfall Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2010 11:00:00 AM

Say it by mine,
Carry waves of light.
Caught in time,
Waitin' on the light.

Then the winds, they go by
Faster than fireflies.

Hold my hand,
Take my life.

Waterfall, you're beautiful.

Live by me,
Stand next to me.

Your lovely,
Let nobody else see.
And the tide is callin'
Shadows slowly fallin'.

Waterfall, lovin me.


All the terrible things I used to say,
I'd like to throw them all away.
Tell me your story
All about the sin,
I want to get to know you again.


Beautiful, you're beautiful, beautiful...[repeated]


You're beautiful.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful....[repeated 3x]

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Waterfull you are beautiful... | Reviewer: vinny fountains | 3/30/10

I believe this song is refering to Jesus. I look up to Gavin as a fellow musician, being that i'm 17. This song is so beautifully written. The clue verse is "Tell me your story
All about the sin,
I want to get to know you again." Sometimes we lose our faith, or just drift away from God and I feel that Gavin wanted to rekindle his relationship with the Savior. Gavin believs in
God and he is doing the Lord's work by touching lives like mine. Christ is beautiful.

God bless you all.