Waterdeep Albums

  • You Were at The Time For Love Album
    Have You Fallen on the Cornerstone
    Gloom Higherwa
    Something's Got to Go
    Such a Shallow Pool
    Completely Known
    Oh, Girl
    The Fall
    Eden Again
    Take Me
    You Can't Hide
    The Worst is My Being Alone

  • Enter the Worship Circle Album
    I Will Not Forget You
    You Are So Good To Me
    You Have Redeemed My Soul
    Tender Mercy
    Whatever Thing
    Those Who Trust
    I Could Run Away
    Though I Feel Alone
    Land of the Living
    Put In Me
    Since I Am So Sick

  • Everyone's Beautiful Album
    He Will Come
    Sweet River Roll
    Wicked Web
    Whenever God Shines His Light
    I'm Still Here
    Stranger in This Land
    Everyone's Beautiful
    Go Find John
    Confessions of a Broken Down Man
    Walls & Tall Shadows
    Psalm 131
    Still You Would Be Found True

  • The Day Album
    The Day
    Indian Story
    Porcelain and Wine
    1308 Ohio
    Mrs. Potter
    To the Doubter
    Afraid of the Dark
    His Perfection
    To the Singer on the Stage
    Been a Long Time
    One Night Out in the Rain
    After 40 Days
    Silver Sword
    The Animal (not big enough)
    Soul of Slavery
    Apocalypse Now (the Non-Hollywood version)
    Big Word Tyranny
    Learning How to Rest
    My Baby Keeps Me Sane Sometimes
    Without You
    Who We Need
    Wanting to Come Home
    I'm the One
    A Place Where You Can Stay
    Hunting the Tender Heart
    Hey, Hey, Hey

  • Sink or Swim Album (12/14/1999)
  • To Chase Away The Birds Album (12/14/1999)

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    Awesome album | Reviewer: Leslie
        ------ About the album To Chase Away The Birds performed by Waterdeep

    This is a great album. I've had it for years and still love it. The lyrics reflect honest searching and living. There is nothing inauthentic here!

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