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Rasputina Watch T.V. Lyrics

Last updated: 07/26/2009 11:00:00 AM

I'm the lucky one
Always having fun.
I tie back my hair.

I sit and watch T. V.
I see only me,
Though I look for you there.

Oh, where have you gone?
Were you canceled?
I change to channel 2.
You were the one
Who gave me all my answers.
I changed
So did you.

Try another show.
With the volume low.
I make up what they say.
Where it used to be your face
Is an empty space
Your co-stars look away.

Oh, where have you gone
And do you miss me
And what we used to do?
You were the one
Who'd talk and smile for half an hour
Always new.

I'm the lucky one.
I watch a re-run.
It looks a lot like you.

One star lost a family
One family lost a star.
That's why I wait and watch
To find out where you are.

One family lost a star.
One star, they lost their family.
That's why I sit at home alone
And Watch T. V.

I can watch forever
I can watch for hours
It just gets better
It gives me power
I can watch for hours
I can watch forever
It gives me pleasure
It makes me better

I'm the lucky one.
Always having fun.
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