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Alter Bridge Watch Over You Lyrics

Last updated: 09/18/2010 11:00:00 AM

Leaves are on the ground
Fall has come
Blue skies turning grey
Like my love

I tried to carry you
And make you whole
But it was never enough
I must go

Who is gonna save you
When I'm gone?
And who'll watch over you
When I'm gone?

You say you care for me
But hide it well
How can you love someone
And not yourself?


And when I'm gone
Who will break your fall?
Who will you blame?

I can't go on
And let you lose it all
It's more than I can take
Who'll ease your pain?
Ease your pain

Who is gonna save you when I'm gone?
Who'll watch over you?
Who will give you strength when you're not strong.
Who'll watch over you when I've gone away?

Snow is on the ground
Winters come
You long to hear my voice
But I'm long gone

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Watch Over You | Reviewer: Amanda | 9/17/10

This song makes me think about two of my characters, a brother and a sister, and how the brother feels about his sister. And to the idiots; He does NOT love her in an incest-way.
He knows she loves him, but she doesn't really show it and he knows that the only thing that actually makes her happy - and probably keeps her sane - is him and he's afraid of what might happen if he dies, not that he's necessarily dying.

Great song | Reviewer: Dan | 3/29/10

For me, this song is about a dying person that even in that moment is thinking to his lover`s future. Sad lyrics, makes you feel to moments that you` would never want to leave. Just love this song, and even is a sad one, it`s one of that songs that you`ll enjoy everytime.

Memory | Reviewer: Bomar | 1/19/10

I remember the first time I heard this, I was watching VH1 with my Mom. She broke down crying because she wasn't sure what the future held because I had been taking care of her. It is truly a good memory and a great song.

1 thing... | Reviewer: Tim | 6/6/09

from listening to it many many many times (because i love it that much) i think that last chorus at the end is "and love is gonna save you when i'm gone, and i'll watch over you, and i will give you strength when you're not strong"

watch ove you | Reviewer: ABANG MAT | 10/29/07

i love this songs....please come to Malaysia..I love you Alter Bridge..Your album and songs is incredible & power..Love U

luv it! | Reviewer: Erin Mitchell | 10/26/07

this song i truely one one of the most emotion heart filt songs ive ever listned to its incredable! it very inspirational just wonderful musicianship from both myles and mark!