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Underoath Watch Me Die Lyrics

Last updated: 05/23/2010 11:00:00 AM

I lay as this sacrifice to this unholy altar
The evil inside Satan; Satan sit and watch me die
Demented screams, tortured beings, where's your hope,
where's your smile, there was none
Life of lies gone, gone no more
So upset, so distraught, I'm sorry, I'm Sorry... I live for the Lord
Watch me die no longer I am alive
My purpose no more... I live for Christ
Dead to sin, only begin, imagine what's for Soldier of Christ
Changed with a new beginning, blood of the lamb, white washed sins
Forgive me God for all of these years of my transgressions
I cry renewed, I cry renewed This world means nothing to me
My life changed I now see Crucified with Christ,
the old self left with the rest of this world, rest of this world
Kneel before his throne, home now from this journey
I see my father in his arms finally found
This path I have chosen is hard but I'll make it with my saviors help
I survive this hell till the end I'll stand true
Eternal life, ready for the fight that the evil brings
No giving in... I'm free
The fire burns engulfing all the victims in it's path, no where to run
Over taken they give in to surrender to the Lord once, and for all
No longer keeping quiet, no longer standing still,
no longer giving in, no longer going back
I stand strong praying for love always to be in my heart

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My goodness | Reviewer: Ryan Ainsworth | 5/21/10

I never thought I would see the day an atheist would... oh never mind. I believe that a few of you people are terribly insane and have a very SCREWED up mind set. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I go to church weekly. This is a really cool song with lyrics that are out of this world. I've said enough you psychiatric lunatics, later.

I Think | Reviewer: Alex | 4/9/10

I think this song is hard to understand ( AT SOME points) But thats why you have to see the lyrics before you can actually sayy its a good song because its not about how it sounds most of time its also the lyrics and the intensions the person follows and this band is amzing, As a chrisitan I go for this band Because i am a christian and although it ahs intese screaming people seem to think its the devil when it IS NOT! People dont realize whatmusic is And its the lyrics. ITs not devil music.

God created the earth!!!!!!!!!!! and everthing else without him we r nothing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/09

hey this song is great cause it talks about how the person leaves behind the bad taughts and comes to God and now he is really living cause before he wasnt God created us and without him we r nothing.He makes our life worth.he guides us trough this world filled up with evil but defeat evil cause he is with us having him makes this world a better place.God is our savior he send his son to die on the cross to save us from our sins so if u dont believe in God y dont u who do u think created all this around u?God did?He wants to save u he wants u to go with him to heaven he wants u to have a happy and a good life.So please come to God.

Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/09

I'm extremely atheist person, and I really don't like lyrics of this song. But it's so deep and so pure, that I see the beauty of this faith, even throught I don't really agree with it. And the music is perfect. It's just great!

disaproving. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/09

you dont know what your talking about, "if you didnt hear the lyrics it would be a good song" are you serious. This song is about faith, and shutting the door on satan, how is that not great lyrics, they did THE BEST in this ablm that they have ever done.

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/08

its a good song, i like the music, but the lyrics belong in a david crowder song. btw i didn't really like 94 hours that much anyway, or that whole album. theres a sound issue in that album, seems like theres white noise in the background of it. "Forever" is pretty good regardless, and if illusions is on that album it too. wow thats really off topic. well for any newbies to screamo we're talkin bout as i lay dying. good song anyway.

Disappointment | Reviewer: Deneb | 10/10/08

I thought it was about some kind of a relationship concerned song or something, not christian. Another disappointment, just like "94 Hours". Although, if I don't 'hear' the words, it's actually kinda good.

Salvation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/07

Actually he dies to satan and the world. His old self dies. He is Crucified with Christ. He is Born Again. He is now God's, not satan's. Now he has Joy, Hope, and Love. Now he has purpose, to serve God. Now he stands strong fighting temptation. Now he is in God's loving arms, and is truely free.

Salvation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/07

Well actually his old self died and now he's dead to satan and this world. He is now Christ's. He has love, truth, and hope. Now he has a direction in his life, God's will.

He's given his life to Christ, and now everything has changed.

stand strong | Reviewer: Micky | 9/15/07

this song is great and also the lyrics it tells of how im no longer gonna die away but live for God