Warrior Soul Albums

  • Odds & Ends Album (8/13/1996)
    N.Y.C. Girl
    Gimme Some of This
    Punk Rock & Roll
    Turn On
    5 Ways to the Gutter
    Stun Fun
    My Sky
    Makin' It Holy
    Raised on Riots
    Kiss Me
    This Is Joy
    Can't Fix Your Broken Heart
    Come to Me
    Last Decade Dead Century
    If You Think You're Bad

  • Space Age Playboys Album (12/1/1995)
    Rocket Engines
    The Drug
    Let's Get Wasted
    No No No
    The Pretty Faces
    The Image
    Rotton Soul
    I Wanna Get Some
    Look At You
    Star Ride
    Generation Graveyard
    Fightin' The War

  • Chill Pill Album (12/1/1993)
    Cargos of Doom
    Song in Your Mind
    Shock Um Down
    Let Me Go
    Ha Ha Ha
    Concrete Frontier
    I Want Some
    High Road

  • Salutations from the Ghetto Nation Album (12/1/1992)
    Love Destruction
    Shine Like It
    Punk And Belligerent
    The Party
    The Golden Shore
    Trip Rider
    I Love You
    The Fallen
    Ghetto Nation

  • Drugs, God & the New Republic Album (12/1/1991)
  • Last Decade Dead Century Album (12/1/1990)

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