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Nazareth Warning Lyrics

Last updated: 06/26/2012 12:00:00 PM

Wake up in the morning,
Can't recall a thing you did the night before
Consider that a warning,
Pass the ammunition and praise the Lord
Play it down make a decision,
Do it know don't lose the vision
Better get in motion,
Got to get a plan before it hits the fan.

Big time poser
Real deal closer.

Used to be a pin-up,
Everybody said you were a centrefold
Better get the lead out,
All your scandals gettin' way too old
Move your shoes, head for the river
Make a stand, time to deliver
Silly little devil,
Gonna make the headlines on the evening news.

Big time poser
Real deal closer.

Do another number,
Try to get arrested when the TV's there
Call the paparazzi,
Planets getting warmer gonna ruin your hair
Look behind, check your position
Check your brakes, watch for collision
When the play is over,
Nothing really matters you drop the ball.

Big time poser
Real deal closer.

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