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Bat your eyes girl, be otherworldly.
Count your blessings. Seduce a stranger.
What's so wrong with being happy?
Kudos to those who see through sickness. (yeah)
Over and over and over and over and ooh...

She woke in the morning.
She knew that her life had passed her by
And she called out a warning:
"Don't ever let life pass you by!"

I suggest we learn to love
ourselves before it's made illegal.
When will we learn? (When will we learn?)
When will we change? (When will we change?)
Just in time to see it all come down.
Those left standing will make millions
writing books on the way it should have been.

When she woke in the morning,
she knew that her life had passed her by
And she called out a warning (warning):
"Don't ever let life pass you by!"

Floating in this cosmic jacuzzi,
we are like frogs oblivious
soon the water's starting to boil.
No one flinches. We all float face down.

She woke in the morning.
She knew that her life had passed her by
And she called out a warning,
"Don't ever let life pass you by...
pass you by..."

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yea! Psalm 23 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/12

I began to instinctually delve into all of your posts(enlightening, as is this song) then realized i heard exactly what i needed to hear,- DONT EVER LET LIFE PASS YOU(ME) BY. WOW amazing, beautiful, Solace.

A warning to love before it is too late. | Reviewer: Courtney | 1/30/10

I have not listened to this song for years. Like many of you, I have loved Incubus for a long time. Tonight I really listened to the words and the passion of the music. It stirred in me this desire to tell people about loving others before it is too late.

Yes, we are suppose to make the most of life... but I have not found "the most" in what other people have, like partying and drinking and relationships. I have found the most in love. Love of my family and my extended family of friends. If we don't start loving everyone, those who are different than us, then we will never get the most out of life.

We can gain so much from others. True richness is found in people and not in money. But with the way that the world is going, and out society, it is no wonder that loving others may become illegal. We'd rather save money then save souls. When we love others, then we will truly get the most out of life and allow others, who don't have what we have, gain a great value of life as well.

Don't let life pass you by. If you love while you are on earth then you are truly experiencing Heaven.

epiphany... | Reviewer: sharon | 8/10/09

went all the way from miami to NY to see Incubus... and as always, they were great! brandon sounds amazing, almost better in person than on albums. when they sang warning, it's like something hit me... i'm not trying to assign any definitive interpretation, but for me, it meant pulling myself out of this rut (i.e. bad relationship, miserable job, etc.) NOW and not let life pass me by.

I love the message this song conveys. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/09

I don't want to piss anyone off because I agree with all of you in some form or way. But I believe we can compare this song to "A Certain Shade of Green" thus saying, stop procrastinating and be who you know you can and want to be. "You gonna sit around till 2012 AD..I think I grew a grey watching you procrastinate!!" I like Maryanfirpo's input on "Fun". What is fun? I believe fun can be selfish as well. Are we having too much fun and leaving our goals and dreams behind? Are we ignoring what truly matters in this life and giving in to our selfish desires for a little bit of "fun"?? Success is different for all of us, that I know. Some of us just want to get married to our soulmates, raise some wonderful kids and just have enough..some of us want to make millions so that we could start our own charity to make a positive impact in other's lives..And some of us just want to have a roof over our heads and a car that gets us from point A to point B. Where I am going with this is simple..Don't ever, ever, ever give up on your dreams. Someone once told me" I wish you would love yourself to stay true to your own beliefs" and she was right. If I believe in treating others with the love and respect that they deserve that why am I constantly joining in on gossip and criticism towards others. Would I like it if others were talking about me? NO! I love the verses " I suggest we learn to love ourselves before its made illegal" and "those left standing will make millions" because it really entails why this world is soo full of strife and sorrow. What small percentage of us will actually come forward and live to their full potential!?!?? A very small percentage is the answer. Incubus didn't happen in one day. Brandon and the rest of the band members went through soo much to get to where they are and it wasn't always easy. Obstacles will come but they will only make us better. If I could define this song in one word it would be "Persistence" . Every F--king Moment Counts. Live in the moment and forget about the past and more importantly, dont worry about tomorrow. Don't Ever Let Life Pass You By... :)

Just do something | Reviewer: Azrael | 6/13/09

This song has helped me through a lot. I've always been afraid. Until I heard this song, I didn't know what that fear was. This song helped me realize that I was afraid I wouldn't do anything with my life. Once I knew the enemy, I searched out a way to fight it.

I don't know if I've made the right choices, but I will live with no regrets. I got away, and am doing something. I'm not just sitting around all day. I've done something that will help me see the world.

If it wasn't for this song, I would probably be sitting at my moms house with some job that doesn't mean a damned thing. I would be wasting my life away, wishing I had done SOMETHING. F*** that.

Revelations | Reviewer: Sal | 4/30/09

I'm an atheist but what I found out to be intriguing was that in Revelations 10 2-4.
Which goes with the time reference in the music video; it mentions things like, "...gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion."

I like things that make sense, and that kinda did to me.

i'm doing an assignment on this song, treating it as poetry | Reviewer: maryanfirpo@hotmail.com | 3/18/09

"Read the lyrics of the song. Its not deep. It's a vague call for anarchy against w/e the f*** you have a problem for in your life. Fun? fun as in selfish acts right?
Bout time you all man the f*** up and take some responsibility for your actions."

it IS deep. it's not vague, but it, as all poetry, is open to interpretation, no matter what the artist means. people will ALWAYS find another meaning to something, because people unconsciously send out messages in everyday life. thus the reason why authors tend to put themselves into their work. they don't mean to, it just happens. i HOPE it's a call for anarchy, being an anarchist myself (NOT an anarcho-syndicalist, look it up), i am well aware that full freedom means full responsibility, and i am completely ready to take on that bet. so, before you say the song is a call for anarchy, then say we should "take responsibility," pay attention to what you're saying. do your background information, and dig it up well. you're contradicting yourself, and that's foolish. another thing regarding the "selfish acts," selfishness and egotism are not only the basis of human achievement, they are also necessary and an integral part of capitalism, which YOU must believe in, given the fact that you are not an anarchist. i'm sorry, was that another contradiction? I THINK SO. before you hate, educate yourself. i have nothing against you, and i refuse to say anything more to you in a public area of expression. you have your "right" to express yourself(so long as you express yourself in a manner that is 'socially acceptable'...stupid society), and i respect your opinion. this is me expressing my opinion, hoping you respect it as well. i hope i haven't offended you, or anyone, and my sincerest apologies if i did, 'twas not intended.

furthermore, uhmmm, this song is GOLD! i heard it when it first came out in 01 (i was 10), and i swear it changed my life. this song means everything to me, which i why i chose it for a class assignment(AP Eng Lit). i left my e-mail, in case anyone cares to strum up a discussion(i prefer if you disagree...i enjoy hearing others' opinions).

my interpretation of this song.. | Reviewer: izabel de dios | 3/14/09

the song talks about the mistakes you've done in your life and before you know it, life had passed you by and its all too late to correct them. this is what the song means to me. . if you'd listen to the song and read through deeply, you'd get what i mean.

Well, actually... | Reviewer: Jasmin | 3/11/09

In regards to reviwer Chris' interpretation, the song takes on more of a "live life to its fullest and forget that the end is near because you can't do anything about it" type of take on it. It's a highly pessimistic, slightly contradictive song.
Also, to whoever said this: "BUT you people are making it more complicated than it has to be. Their songs are supposed to have different meanings for everybody,
thats what makes Incubus such an amazing band and why so many people just can't get enough of them."
1) I've always hated vague symbolic things for this reason: Language was invented so that we could get our points across to people. When you get your point across to someone, there is no doubt in their mind as to what you are saying and there is no room for interpretation. THEREFORE, if the author's purpose is not CLEAR and requiring as LITTLE interpretation as possible, then there was simply no point in writing it. In short: if something is open to interpretation it is not clear--> if it's not clear it's point is vague--> if it's vague, nothing of meaning has been said--> for something said to lack meaning is also to lack a point--> No point=pointless.
2) Incubus' songs are mostly pretty clear in their meaning. They aren't open to interpretation unless you're obscenely obsessed with detail.
3) Personally, I can get more than enough of Incubus in a very short amount of time. Warning, Anna Molly and Megalomaniac are probably the only Incubus songs that I can listen to over and over without getting sick of it. I doubt anybody cares, but i don't think Incubus is a particularly great band-- then again, I kind of prefer books to music, so I'm not the most qualified to be doing this (this is dishing out crits to Incubus).
Pip, pip, cheerio and all that rot.

The meaning behind "Warning" | Reviewer: Chris | 1/27/09

The meaning is simple. It's referring to the apocalypse. If you watch the video the girl is actually mother nature warning everyone that the final days are coming but everyone ignores her (i.e. Global warming, natural disasters, 9/11). The verse "Floating in this cosmic jacuzzi,
we are like frogs oblivious to the water starting to boil,no one flinches, we all float face down" is referring to the warnings that people ignore everyday. Frogs will swim around in boiling water being as happy as can be not knowing that their insides are boiling, thus killing them. This is what we as humans do everyday enjoying the earth oblivious to the fact that the end is near. That's pretty much it in a nut shell

Don't ever let life pass you by | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

I love incubus. I love this song.

BUT you people are making it more complicated than it has to be. Their songs are supposed to have different meanings for everybody,
thats what makes Incubus such an amazing band and why so many people just can't get enough of them.

I Love This Song! | Reviewer: Daniel | 1/5/09

I had first heard this song like 3 years ago when I was 18, i never really understood the meaning of this song until now, ive been living in a downward spiral for a long time, and depression had totally beat me, but listening to this song now makes me want to stop living the way i do and enjoy and love life, Im very happy i came across this site, your comments have also helped me a lot, starting tommorow im going to stop living life the way i do and enjoy it before its too late. Thanks guys!

stop. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

just stop. your adding complexity to something simple. simplicity is beautiful. and the meaning is simple, live life, before it passes you by. we are oblivious to the beauty of life, and we take things for granted. we live life filled with anguish, and regret. when we should live it with passion, and love.

ghost_______illustion | Reviewer: unknown man | 12/5/08

sam your right but the true meaning if you really study it for a long time the meaning of the song is all about protitute.And says on the vers of 2( i suggest we learn ) it means if god made the earth with a passion its to anabolic meaning or demeaning means its says the manner of a human being should change in a minute cause god will come soon then if god make that one term in a minute all of men will blow-up there head you will not able to smile or have fun to do those things that you suppose to go with.and the chorus says (passed life) meaning 50% of a people get crazy and turning into insane like mental boy or a girl has an ab-normal function when it come to a manner of a guy physical mental emotion problems of a human being.see how they think of a dream or a thing.others they simplify the things that not may have not to understand mention.and its says writing book meaning its all about political goverment system.which may concern to another and jacuzi face down meaning self emotion slowly killing your mind just like an artery and nerve couple with scissor. crushing together but the real meaning of the song is all about problems of a human being check the (talk show must go on) i dont know if im right but check that one (incubus) its all about goverment us problem since 80's 1984...!

live your life like tomorrow is the end of the world | Reviewer: Sam | 11/14/08

this is an amazing and beautiful song, i can listen to it over and over and it never gets old. it's about living your life and being happy, do not waste any time worrying about small things. do what you want to do, what makes you happy. one day you're going to open your eyes, and you're going to be old, and wondering where your life has gone. take chances, try new things, don't go by all the stupid rules, take every opportunity to be happy and enjoy your life while you have it. your world could end tomorrow. that's IT.

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