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A warning sign
I missed the good part, then I realised
I started looking and the bubble burst
I started looking for excuses
Come on in
I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in
I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones
That I started looking for a warning sign

When the truth is, I miss you
Yeah the truth is, that I miss you so

A warning sign
It came back to haunt me, and I realised
That you were an island and I passed you by
And you were an island to discover

Come on in
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I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in
I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones
That I started looking for a warning sign

When the truth is, I miss you
Yeah the truth is, that I miss you so

And I'm tired, I should not have let you go

So I crawl back into your open arms
Yes I crawl back into your open arms
And I crawl back into your open arms
Yes I crawl back into your open arms.

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these stories drove me to tears | Reviewer: W | 4/10/14

I met the girl of my life about a month ago. I have never met a girl so sweet and pure that she was. We dated for 4 weeks and my love was getting deeper every day. I've never been as happy as I was with her. I told to her that I felt like the luckiest man on planet. Everything was going on well, but I woke up to a txt message which broke my world. I never expected it to come, though she was concerned about some 6month Asia-trip which was coming on future after summer. It's been 3 days and I've been just silent. The pain is overwhelming. This song got my eyes blurred very bad. I just wish I can get her back, even after that trip. Love don't fear distance, and maybe dont pick up the best moment of your life to get together, but no matter what, I would never give up my true love. She was my everything, and I can say that I love her. I wish I could play this song to her.

its happening to me | Reviewer: jay | 10/1/13

My ex sent the link to this song to me and I've been crying ever since...the thing is I loved him with everything in me and all he could tell me was he wasn't emotionally ready and he only had feeling for me when I'm around him, so we decided to keep things casual...now I'm engaged to be married and for the first time in d history of us he tells me he loves me and its tearing me apart cos with all his smarts he was too dumb to realise I was his special one, the ying to his yang....now he's hurting and I'm hurting but I can't go back cos I love my fiance to bits.....going thru d lyrics of this song makes me realize how bad my ex is hurting...but there no turning back for me cos I've paid my dues in that department.

miss u | Reviewer: my name is whore | 9/25/13

well ... this song hits me like a spear. i have this best fren . and we fought and i called her names but m sorry like sick . she wont talk to me again. at least dats wat she told me. my mind is working in the stupidest way ever and the truth is i miss my fren . love is not the only heart breaker. a sweet lost frenship is equally fatal!! i miss u . i wish i cud tell u .

M | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/19/13

I have experience lot of things in my life, but what u have just said I went thru the same thing, that song remind me of the best guy I have ever loved, the guy I had to let go because of a certain situation.right now am currently dating some1 but my heart it is still in my ex boyfriend, and I really wana forget about him and focus on my new loving n caring boyfriend,,,,I carried that pain everyday that I had something with me n now its taken away from me...I did nothing about it, I love my ex bf that's y I let him go, it was the only way to move on and accept that we cant continue to be in a relationship.am trying to move on but it not easy at all. I wish I could turn back the time and be with him again, how do I heal from this broken hearted n find peace....

Hopeless Romantic | Reviewer: Chelsea | 5/13/13

When the love of my life, got married right in front of eyes I realized that if only I could've did something, say something then I wouldn't be drinking a lot now.I just try to numb the pain but it comes right away, when I see him. He's my best friend and is my everything. But I guess he was that island and I passed him by :(

Son missing mother. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/12

My son posted this song on my Facebook-wall some months ago when he was studying in New Zealand for a year (we live in Sweden). My tears flooded... but love him even more for showing his love "in public". <3

Exactly how I feel. | Reviewer: Em | 6/6/12

I was dating a guy for 3 months. He said he didn't want a serious relationship now because he was leaving on a trip for 2 months. I never really understood and when he became more attentive and loving, I though he finally changed his mind...but he broke my heart in the end.
For me this song is what he could said to me when he finally realize how much he care for me and how much he miss me.

My heart is still broken and I hope he'll realize how great we were together when he get back from his trip...

To: A Point of View | Reviewer: J | 2/2/12 | Reviewer: M | 5/27/12

You were very brave facing that situation, I know how anything but easy is walking away from your boyfriend for yourself, because it's destroying you in silence. I did the same, looked for an excuse to leave him apart, pushed him away from me. That killed me inside.
I have an enormous self dignity and I used to sin of pride and trying to keep myself save behind high walls I had built along the time. But it was then, the moments I was alone, lying on my bed looking at the roof and thinking of how I had reached to that point when I realised that I loved him how I had never loved anybody else, even myself.
So I packed my dignity and threw it away to crawl back into his open arms. I was not sure at all if he would accept me after I had broken up with him for no reason to him. But I tried, he was all that I had, and I couldn't just stay there and stare at how what I loved the most, my reason to smile and my entire life went away. I was lucky since his heart is as big as the moon is. It wasn't easy to get through that pain, suffering, loneliness and doubts path but, at the end of it, there's always a light: either to amend your mistake or to be able to deal with all that stuff.
Personally, if I were you, after this long time you must have made your mind and decided whatever you have decided, but don't give up: there's nothing to lose but pride along the way. Pride might be useful in front of people in general –beast trying to haunt, cook and eat you up- but when you're right in front of your love, of those who you truly love and they love you back, they will hurt you -yeah, that happens- but, they will essentially just see you and act with you with loving eyes and loving heart. That’s why I realised my walls were completely useless and I had been wasting my time. That and that I accepted that I wouldn’t be able to become that robot I wanted to be in order not to suffer and feel that pain I was so afraid of.
Suffering is as part of life as loving is, you can’t get the good missing the bad, that’s how it is and how it must be. Stones in your way to trip into are not randomly disposed there but so that you learn from it, one way or another. I learnt pride in love leads nowhere, that trying is better than wondering and not only that those who doesn’t risk never wins, but also that those who risk too much might lose too much, but what you win is much better, much more rewarding than what you may lose (and get back, by the way).

Hope this might be useful for anybody there.


One of My Favorite Songs | Reviewer: Sara | 3/24/12

The truth is that I love Coldplay and this song is one of many awesonme songs they´ve done. It´s so emotional and it injects you with a powerful dose of nostalgia. Though I´ve never had a experience like the reviwers before me, what with the letting somenone special go,I do know the feeling of looking back and regretting ever having the chance of something special slip away. I am overprotective of myself and don´t ever take a wild jump into the unknown and because of that I have many "what if´s" in my life. So in some level I relate to this song. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful music. Yet another song magically put together.

What am I doing? | Reviewer: MC | 2/26/12

OMG!! I´ve just found the song that describes exactly how I´m feeling. I have this friend in my life, who I love so much. I know he wants more than a friendship with me, if I let him. But I try to avoid the subject, because even though I can´t stop thinking about him, I´m afraid that things won´t work out. There are so many things that wouldn´t match. Everytime he´s around I just want to kiss him, but I remind myself that it´s better to keep our friendship than to lose it in a couple of weeks for trying it out. I know, I may be a coward... but it wouldn´t be fair for him or me, because I´m not truly in love, it´s just a feeling that is growing every day but I try to handle. And then when I think I can get over it, the doubts come again: Am I taking the right choice? or will I regret and crawl to his arms when it is to late?

Warning Sign | Reviewer: M | 2/24/12

J, who are you? are you kidding me? i have the exact same story, with the different that i last 5 years and we broke up 6 months ago. I felt and i feel the exact same way, every word that you said.. i'm in shock rigth now..How are things? did you guys went back together?

just a small response. | Reviewer: Mike | 2/3/12

J. Can't agree more. I did the same after a 4 year relationship. Pretty much everything exact the same way, except for the duration. After an 8 months break we seem to be getting back together. It is possible, just saying. And I did love the essay. ;)

A Point of View | Reviewer: J | 2/2/12

I apologize in advance for what no appears to be an essay. :P It got away from me, I guess. Well, as a foreword, please do not respond to any messages here, mine or others, where a person is expressing them self. Not knowing this person, no one can fully understand the extent of that situation. So it is really unnecessary to get angry because people are sharing their stories. This is a part of them that they are revealing. Don't damage it. Moreover, no one is holding a gun to your head demanding you real all these, so if you don't want to, don't. Simple as that.

It seems that when listening to a song, people, whether intentionally or unintentionally, seem to apply their own life story to it. We like certain songs because we can relate to them, and it helps up to feel that we're not alone in the world, that there are others who feel the same way.
In light of this, my take on the song is much related to my own experience. About two months ago, I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of a year and a half, my longest relationship yet. When I broke it off, I told him that I couldn't see our relationship going wrong. Most people would think that is a good thing in a relationship, but we both so young, barely adults. I know that, for me, I want to experience so much more in life before I settle down with that 'one' forever. I want to be able to find what I want in a partner by testing different traits in different people, and of course, I want to find myself, as in who I am going to become as I do grow into true womanhood.
When I walked into the room to break up with him, I almost turned around and walked out when I saw him because I still loved him and cared about him so much. It killed me to hurt him. Right after the break up, I moved on and saw a couple other guys, both of those ended. I am happy being alone, but there is still that part of me that misses being happy with my ex-boyfriend. I remember the times we spent together laughing, or even fighting or just sitting together in silence, reading or watching a movie. I miss the way we knew each other so well. About a month after our break up he got physical with a girl who is a mutual friend between us and I got upset about that, he in turn got upset that I saw a guy so soon after him. We ended up having a horrible argument, and I asked him why he had become such a bitter and vindictive person, and he said I turned him into that person when I broke up with him. Personally, I believe we are all responsible for our own choices and actions, but it still hurt, and I couldn't help but feel guilty for the idea that I could have destroyed such a wonderful person.
Anyway, I'm going on. The song to me seems to mirror exactly how I feel at this point in time. I've always had trouble trusting others (If we'er going to talk psychologically, I'm a textbook case with 'daddy issues') and, again, a year and a half with this guy was my longest relationship ever. He was my first love, the one who I lost my virginity to, and who lost his virginity to me. Looking back on all the good times we've had, I can't help but become terrified that I've made a mistake in ending things. Of course, the logical side of me jumps in to point out that I was not satisfied in the relationship at that point in time, and if he is truly the 'one' for me, then I never would have known this for certain if I hadn't gone off on my own. I know it's only been two months, and how much self discovery could I really have gotten into in such a short amount of time. But there is always that side of me, nagging in my head, trying to get my attention, asking the questions on if I made the right decision, or if I've ruined any chance of reconciliation. To me, the sone reflects this feeling of being afraid to trust, waiting for the moment when this person who you are giving your heart to will betray you and hurt you. This waiting causes you to search for the problem, to catch it before it catches you. I did this exact same thing through out my relationship with this guy. I was constantly waiting for him to mess up, and when he did, I would jump on it, and try and find a reason to end things. But I never could bring myself to do it. Until two months ago. Now, the song, it seems to me, speaks of what a wonderful partner they had that they pushed away, and I can't help but compare myself to the speaker in the song. I wonder if I pushed away the best thing that ever happened to me, and if I could ever get back. We both act like we don't care about the other anymore, but I know at least that mine is just an act. I miss him so much it literally pains me inside in one of the worst possible way I have ever experienced and caused me to act in a way I thought I had gotten past, defeated. And I wonder if I swallowed my pride and "crawled back into his arms" if he would accept me or hurt me more by rejecting me. I, being fearful and tentative to trust, hardly ever am able to put my dignity aside and put myself on the line, at risk for any sort of emotional pain. And I therefore don't know if I could possibly "crawl back to him", if I am even capable of that.

Well, I apologize for the novel. My family were all very against me being with this guy, so it's probably that I haven't had anyone to talk to about all this. Well. I am aware it's just about a year after everyone else wrote on here, but at least I got what I wanted to say out. If you did read, thank, I suppose for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I hope everything that was reminding you of this song improved. Cheers.


Why should someone be scared to love | Reviewer: Anonymeys | 1/20/12

I have no problem. Such as not loving myself or desperate to be with you. The thing is i have never fight agains my natural feeling. I thing there is nothing wrong with try hard to show your love particularly when your instinct make you guess that this could be amazing.... Yes it's worth to cry without thinking that it's week to do so. It's ashame that some people are convinced that it could nô work and they don't give it a chance. They like to stay superficial in there relationship worried

My Interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/11

One meaning that I find to this song is that of when one is in a relationship and one feels it's too good to be true so one tries to find the flaw in the relationship or in the other person, a "warning sign." One may make excuses not to get too close to the other person because of the imaginary problem one created in one's head. Later on one realizes there really wasn't a problem at all and what a mistake they have made by pushing themselves away from someone that was really great, thinking "I should not have let you go."

Totally makes sense in my head...

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