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b. Warner McPherson, 2 April 1938, Nashville, Tennessee,
USA. Warner Mack is one of the few country musicians to be
born in Nashville, although at the age of seven he moved to
Jackson, Tennessee, and when he was nine, to Vicksburg,
Mississippi. Mack, whose father was a minister, tells his
story in the song "Tennessee Born, Mississippi Raised". He
played at various school functions and started performing
on the radio show Louisiana Hayride. In 1957, he wrote and
recorded "Is It Wrong (For Loving You)?", which was later a
number 1 More...

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A project worth doing | Reviewer: Maggie K
    ------ About the song Be Good To Your Neighbor Everyday performed by Warner Mack

being good to your neighbor not only benefits your neighbor, it benefits you too. we should not stop being good to our neighbors, it is a project worth doing. We cannot live without our neighbors, they contribute in our lives indirectly and directly.

HELP | Reviewer: Anne Lillis
    ------ About the song First Thing Ev'ry Morning (and The Last Thing Ev'ry Night) performed by Warner Mack

How do I purchase this song.? I've always liked it. You certainly make it difficult.

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