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[music: breitenbach]
[lyrics: breitenbach]
[arranged by breitenbach]

what do you think
while you are running here
between the bushes in the rain?
what do you feel
inside your fucking head?
cause now your "real me" goes insane

i will take your soul
for my own pleasure
many of you warheads
went that way before

be careful what you say
it takes your breath away
it takes your life

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just another war

once again
you hear the hammering on the outside
the helicopters in the sky
you try to run
but you can't control your legs
you realize it's time to die

i will take your soul...

be careful what you say...

did you ever think
that your government
tells you the truth about your war?
you crossed the boarderline,
sawed the seeds of death
but in the end i beg for more

i will take your soul...

be careful what you say...

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MyMKexyGzb | Reviewer: Jaka | 10/5/12

Yang Zi, I believe that the milisse is designed to level out after it reeneter the atmosphere, I have read other estimates on other open source websites that say it may slow down to between Mach 1 and Mach 3. Guidance would be doable for the Chinese, maybe, but controlling something thats going that fast with a somewhat basic set of satilites and radars to guide it would be difficult and probably have spotty coverage at best.You also make another good point about its trajectory that makes me wonder about the differences between the U.S Prompt Global Strike (in which they are making it much harder to develop just so the weapon DOES NOT have a balistic trajectory) while the Chinese are building DF-21s that could easily be mistaken for a nuclear weapon aimed at one of our surface fleets. China could launch one of these in a conflict and may get submarine launched nuclear warheads in return.

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