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Warhammer Biography

Last updated: 01/02/2003 01:31:29 AM

The path of Warhammer was set in March 1984 when Hellhammer's last and most extreme era had come to the final end with their legendary "Apocalyptic Raids" EP ... From the early beginning, the band's only aim was to follow the absolute dark, pessimistic vision of Hellhammer's brutal deathnoise and negative concept.

After changing the bandname into Warhammer, the current line-up (Frank Krynojewski - Bass,Guitars - Volker Frerich - Vocals) was completed when drummer Rolf Meyn joined the band.

First rehearsal recordings, which were not released officially, proved the right kind of enthusiasm in plagiarism without shame. On the contrary, coming as close to Hellhammer as possible is an honour for these lads !
Besides, what's wrong with continuing something that's been dead for so many years and has been misused several times without the necessary consequences ?

In February '97, the band decided to record their studio demo-tape "Towards the Chapter of Chaos", featuring 5 tracks of devastating, grinding deathdoom in pure Hellhammer fashion.

In the summer, Warhammer signed to Voices Productions and recorded their full- length album "The Winter of our Discontent" in December '97, which was released both in LP and CD formats.

Heavier, rawer and deadlier than ever before, Warhammer reached more extreme horizons and continued their radical form of expression. Almost like an apocalyptic soundtrack, it captures the pale reality of a lost mankind drifting into the depths of damnation ...

At the same time, Metallian Magazine put the song "Beyond Forgiveness" on the Metal Explosion Vol. 9 CD sampler joined with its French release (issue #12, July/August '98). Few months later, "The Winter of our Discontent" (the song) was found on the "Feuersturm - Volume II" compilation, released by Century media on November 23, '98.

The second album of Warhammer was released on April 26, 1999, on Grind Syndicate Media. "Deathchrist" brings us in even more heavier and morbid horizons. The band now features Rainer Filipiak as permanent guitarist, which will allow the band to perform hellish and powerful live events.