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Ozzy Osbourne War Pigs Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2013 04:16:51 PM

Witches gather at black masses
Bodies burning in red ashes
On the hill the church in ruin.
Is the scene of evil doings
It's a place for all black sinners
Watch them eating dead rats' inners.
I guess it's the same, whereever you may go
Oh lord yeah

Carry banners which denounce the lord
See me rocking in my grave
See them anoint my head with dead rat's blood
See them stick the stake through me

Don't hold me back cause I just gotta go
They got a hold of my soul now
Lords got my brain instinct with blood obscene
Look in my eyes I'm there enough

On the scene a priest appears
Sinners falling at his knees
Satan sends out funeral pyre
Casts the priest into the fire
It's the place for all bad sinners.
Watch them eating dead rats' inners
I guess it's the same, whereever you may go
Oh lord yeah

Thanks to D. W. for submitting War Pigs Lyrics.

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Religion | Reviewer: Plodis | 3/21/13

Man, all established religions do is create rules and brainwash people. Many will disagree but atheism is religion too so this includes you guys too. Can't people just be happy with the belief system that they have and not try to push it off on other people? I don't claim to be a Christian, atheist, Catholic etc. I just believe that there is a higher power and I don't need a set of rules governing my belief in it. As for the song, I prefer this version to the Black Sabbath one. It's a lot more hardcore and a real treat to listen to. They lyrics themselves just kick ass.

Joke's on you | Reviewer: D.W. | 11/2/11

This comment is to the attention of the anonymous reviewer of 9/22/11.

These lyrics are those of the version of "War Pigs" released by Ozzy on "The Ozzman Cometh", it is an early version of the song released by Black Sabbath.

I am not a "bible thumper", nor am I trying to "take a whack" at Ozzy. I have been listening to Sabbath and Ozzy for many years and love and respect their music. Also, you paid a little attention to album titles and the like, you would realise that Ozzy/Ozzman/... never gets written with only one Z.

As for my twisted beliefs, they only go so far as to tell me not to believe in anything that cannot be proven.

Is this a joke? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/11

If you know Ozzy then you know this is clearly not how the song goes. Do another search. The actual song does say God will make the sinners and war mongers pay. This is clearly a half a$$ attempt at some bible thumper to take a whack at The Oz Man. Screw you and your twisted beliefs.

Get Over It Already | Reviewer: Dave | 12/17/09

Come on people. Ozzy is an creative song writer and excellent performer, nothing more and nothing less. Any narrow minded person can interpret the lyrics a hundred different ways. It's just a song and it has a catchy rhythm.

As for if there is a God or Satan, I say no and will believe that until someone can come up with physical or documented proof that either one ever existed. And the old and new testaments don't fly, they've both been proven to be flawed, incorrect and nothing on this earth though out history can back them up. Anyways, why worship someone or something that wants you to put your love for them above and beyond your own mother, father, brother and sister. Seems like a huge power trip and which I say you can kiss my royal white.....

ms walleigh | Reviewer: kedar | 4/20/09

i respectfully disagree with your opinion. i am an atheist and plan on continuing that. almost 16? i turned 14 a few months ago and I've changed peoples' opinions on god already. what i am saying is that Ozzy's influence is exactly what all churches do, they teach you about god, and so does ozzy, ut here ozzy is teaching that god will punish the government warmongers for the Vietnam war that they started, he is on your side, just a lot more asseritve

churches | Reviewer: H man | 1/23/09

like church really tells the truth ever! skipping the whole fact of evolution and believing that one man created this earth. these churches brain wash people worst then the army. what I believe created this earth is the power of family. in every species there is a family.

what | Reviewer: shay | 1/8/09

ozzy isnt a ddevil worshiper at all he still makes killer music i respect your views and everything to the god girl but ozzy is great! he sings about the truth of the politicians of his time and ours he is religious just listen to some of his songs

Where are the original lyrics? | Reviewer: Jeremy | 5/16/08

I was listening to the demo of War Pigs that is on Just Say Ozzy and I was trying to find those lyrics... but these aren't them.

BTW, to the ignorant girl who posted before me... shut up. Just because you live in ignorance, fear, and hypocrisy doesn't mean you should bring the rest of us down to your level.

just checking | Reviewer: Walleigh | 3/27/08

I was just checking to see if your lyrics were bad or not. I had a disagreement with a friend that this song was talking about going to Hell. I don't like your music Mr.Ozzy, and I believe that you would like life a whole lot better if you found a church (for God) that teaches you the Truth and doesn't sugar coat it. Please Ozzy, you are influencing todays people. God is the way to go. Jesus IS the Truth, Way, and the Life. I'm praying for you.

Dear God, it's yo girl , Walleigh. I am asking that you help this poor soul with himself and that you help me. Give me the words to help influence the people that see me. People tell me that an almost 16 year old can't help, but I know that I can. In your name I pray. Amen.