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Chris August Want to Be Real Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2012 11:00:00 AM

I've never said this before, I've never opened that door so wide
No one else is around there's no good reason for me to hide
And I, I want to be real

So I'm throwing out words I don't fully understand
I could be talking to myself, but I don't think I am
‘Cause You're always there, through the fight
Saving my heart from the doubt inside

I'm not the man that I was, I used to see You in highs and lows
But now I'll keep on believing, even if I can't see You
And I, I wanna be real


And I, I wanna be real, and I, I wanna be real
There's too much at stake and I'm tired of faking
I just wanna be real, I wanna be real
There's too much at stake and I don't care if I break
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I wanna be real, I just wanna be real

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