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Offspring Want You Bad Lyrics

Last updated: 09/01/2011 11:00:00 AM

If you could only read my mind
You would know that things between us
Ain't right
I know your arms are open wide
But you're a little on the straight side
I can't lie

Your one vice
Is you're too nice
Come around now can't you see

I want you
All tattooed
I want you bad

Complete me
Mistreat me
Want you to be bad

If you could only read my mind
You would know that I've been waiting
So long
For someone almost just like you
But with attitude, I'm waiting So come on

Get out of clothes time
Grow out those highlights
Come around now can't you see

I want you
In a vinyl suit
I want you bad

I want you bad

Don't get me wrong
I know you're only being good
But that's what's wrong
I guess I just misunderstood

I want you
All tattooed
I want you bad

X- rated
I want you bad

I mean it
I need it
I want you bad

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C'mon! | Reviewer: Dude! | 5/28/11

Have you ever seen the video of the song?
It's filled up with hot girls, how could you eventually think that?

Straight side as in "not in the wrong side", meaning she is just an angel, and he just want a chick to dominate him.

You're an idiot. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/11

No, it doesn't mean he's gay, he clearly explains it in the next line.

On the straight side, as in like the straight and narrow. "Your one vice, is you're too nice". In other words, she's a goody two shoes.

But what would it matter? If he was gay you'd hate the song? That's fucked up.

does that mean hes gay? | Reviewer: brian | 2/24/11

This song is great but at the beginning, when he says "but you're a little on the straight side", does that mean he's talking about another dude?? I hope not cuz I love this song lol someone give me their opinion

Yeah | Reviewer: Yo! | 1/14/09

I loved every song by Offspring but for some reason this song sticks out more it has a happy tune in it but either way this song is really great been a fan of Offspring for long time love this song and them

OMFG | Reviewer: Angela | 8/27/08

For a long time I only listened to "pretty fly" from the offspring now I'm downloading 4 songs LOL This song kicks ass lyrics go well with me and what I thought (subconsciously spl?) about a guy...I did make him change I only wish he could be nice again XD

Offspring Rules | Reviewer: Johnny | 8/13/07

Great,great,great freakin'song.I love it,lyrics are simple but such a cool sound,you're right about that.Hey,Offspring,if you can hear me,make more freakin songs as great like this,,oh already did!!!!!

Rock ON | Reviewer: E | 7/12/07

This song makes me smile everytime I hear. I turn up the volume if I hear it on the radio and just rock out to it!

JUST HEARD IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

ive only heard a handful of songs by the offspring and after hearing this on the radio i was amazed. i mean its a simple song but their probaly the only band on the planet that can make it sound so badass. dexter holland is an amazing vocalist and the gutairs have such an edge to them. this song bloody rocks. and if you havent heard it go download it. the lyrics are okay but once you hear it put to music itll amaze you.

Best song | Reviewer: Amber | 10/4/05

This is by far, the best song in the intire world!

Want you bad rules | Reviewer: Tom | 7/7/05

WANT YOU BAD is such a f*cking great song, rock on!