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[Intro: 50 Cent]
It's 50 a.k.a Ferrari Fuck-50
Break it down
I got a lot of living to do before I die
And I ain't got time to waste
Let's make it

[50 Cent]
You said you a gangster but you never pop nuttin'
We said you a wanksta and you need to stop frontin'
You ain't a friend of mine, (yeah)
You ain't no kin of mine, (nah)
What makes you think that I wont run up on you with the nine
We do this all the time, right now we on the grind
So hurry up and copy and go selling nicks and dicks
Shorty she so fine, I gotta make her mine
A arss like that gotta be one of a kind
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I crush 'em everytime, punch 'em with every line
I'm fucking with they mind
I make 'em press rewind
They know they can't shine if I'm around the rhyme
Been on parole since 94 cause I commit the crime
I send you my line, I did it three to nine
If D's ran up in my crib, you know who dropping dimes

[Chorus 2X: 50 Cent]
You said you a gangsta
But you never pop nothing
We said you a wanksta
And you need to stop frontin'
You go to the dealership
But you never cop nuttin'
You been hustling a long time
And you ain't got nothing

[Verse 2]
Damn Homie, in high school you was the man, homie
What the fuck happened to you?
I got the sickest vendetta when it come to the chedda
And if you play with my paper, you gotta meet my berretta
Now shorty think I'm a sweat her, sipping on amaretto
I'm living once than deada, I know I can do better
She look good but I know she after my chedda
She tryna get in my pockets, homie and I ain't gonna let her
Be easy, stop the bullshit, you get your whole crew wet
We in the club doin' the same ol' two step
Guerrilla unit cause they say we bugged out
Cause we don't go nowhere without toast we thugged out

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3]
Me I'm no mobsta, me I'm no gangsta
Me I'm no hitman, me I'm just me, me
Me I'm no wanksta, me I'm no acta
But it's me you see on your TV
Cause I hustle baby, this rap shit is so easy
I'm gettin' what you get for a brick to talk greasy
By any means, partner, I got to eat on these streets
If you play me close, for sure I'm gonna pop my heat
Niggas saying they going murd' 50, how?
We riding 'round with guns the size of Lil Bow Wow
What you know about AK's and AR 15's?
Equipped with night vision, shell catchers and F-bangs, huh

[Chorus 2X]

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alright mate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/11

What are you talking about? 50s mum was a drug dealer who got killed during a deal when he was a kid. Not too long after 50 started dealing and it wasnt much time til he was heading his own coke ring. He was shot 9 times and stabbed by Ja Rules boys. He started rapping to escape his old life and he did it for his son, so who are you to judge him for being successful?

wanksta | Reviewer: sahil | 12/28/10

50 cent is one f d coolest punk the only one whom we can compair with eminem his songs r out of mind bt his beats r awesome with mega bass sterio any party cn ply his song bet no one will be boooooooooored

to anonymous | Reviewer: Krystian | 5/11/10

stop hating man, people love his fucking music... its like im suppose to listen to shitty music where people make no money from, if you don't like fifty im pretty sure you listen to someone else that has loads of money so what difference does it make... his music is fucking amazing and good for parties and chilling out... so calm the fuck down and stop hatin

funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/10

the funny thing is how all these haters go listen to his songs and read his lyrics, and then try to talk shit....and nobody thinks 50 cent is some gangsta god figure or thugged out whateva whateva...hes a rapper, who came up from nothin to a whole lotta something, who makes music that people like...thats all he is...so all u haters who keep tryin to hate on him for bein who he is, yall r pathetic...get a life, how the fck do yall even have time to go on rappers lyrics pages and talk shit??wtf, too many bums out here...

Fraud | Reviewer: Jullsan | 1/10/10

50 is a fraud and all of you that don't understand that and think he's some gangsta god or some shit need to kill your selfs. You dont realize how stupid you are. 50 is smart and know how to act tough and all you fools but into it. haha pathetic...

I LOVE CURTIS JACKSON | Reviewer: KIM | 12/20/09


Fucking tools that fall for that gay ass suckalotofcock 50 | Reviewer: Sam Q | 11/18/09

I can't believe how fucking ridiculus all of these gay 50 supporters are. You guys don't realize it but you are the mother fucking tools for buying all this 50 shit. While all of you talk about how great 50 is and believing his gay fucking lyrics, he sits back and makes millions off of dumbfucks like you. You all just need to blow your brains out, because you are the punk ass tools. FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!!

haha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/09

When this bad rap blows over, than Mr. 50 cent will really have only 50 cents.

haha.. to bad hes one of the richest hip hop artists there is huh? i read he had 300 Million and recently made a 100 million dollars of a fruit water deal. He's not only a good artist but only a smart businessman. what do you got? maybe a thousand dollar in the bank?

nice life you got btw if you take time out of your day to go on the internet, search for music lyrics you hate and then say it sucks.

I myself listen to Rap (mostly dutch) and rock/metal and i can still appreciate his music. if you just listen and read the lyrics. Don't you hate all those white rich kids that act like they are black or even worse.. act like they are a gangster. all i got to say. and if your better then him then prove it.

idiots | Reviewer: juliiee | 7/7/09

u people are all idiots. all of u crazy rocker freaks just come on here to bag on this shit but u dont even know wtf it means. hello if u idiots listened to the lyrics and what its about u would actually probably like the song cause its about the type of people u hate. im personally not a huge fan of 50 but this song is great because its about all those fake gangster wannabe's. im from philly and in the suburbs of philly all u see is those little white kids that wear white tees and baggy pants and say nigga and dawg and think they r tough cause they are funny. i love this song for that reason.

*Fuck you* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/09

...ultimate fail... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

This...thing that people call music fails.
It makes no sense half the time, and the other half it's bad grammar.
And what is your definition of music ?! Some crazy gays singing in high notes only about love and shit ... those are they're problems... impossible love... who cares the problems these rappers have had were much worse than those .They talk about the real shit that's outside .

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