Walter Egan Albums

  • Fundamental Roll Album
    Only the Lucky
    Won't You Say You Will
    Feel So Good
    Yes I Guess I Am
    When I Get My Wheels
    Where's the Party
    She's So Tough
    Tunnel o'Love
    I'd Rather Have Fun
    Surfin' & Drivin'

  • Apocalypso Now Album (5/7/2002)
    Far and Away
    Love is in Your Veins
    Ten Years Ago
    Stubborn Girl
    Time and the Rain
    Better Days
    Reason Why
    Wanting You
    Rain in Tennessee
    You Pay for Love
    You're Gonna Miss Me

  • The Lost Album Album (10/10/2000)
    Hard Love
    Only Love is Left Alive
    The Faces People Make
    Silvery Sleep
    Someone Like You
    Invisible Man
    The Loneliest Boy
    Pistols of Power
    Stop Don't Stop
    Sister of the Moon

  • Walternative Album (8/17/1999)
    Let Go
    There Goes My Girl
    Land of the Living
    Drawn to the Flame
    Strange Love Affair
    Vergin' on Tears
    The Tide and the Sea
    Happy Home
    The Truth
    Beats the Devil
    Nobody Dreams Anymore
    The Bias of Love
    Get Out of the Kitchen
    Goin' Home
    Waitin' for Fred

  • Not Shy Album (9/1/1978)

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