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Emery Walls Lyrics

Last updated: 09/11/2012 10:40:04 AM

Are you listening?
We write a thousand pages, they're torn and on the floor.
Headlights hammer the windows, we're locked behind these doors.
And we are never leaving, this place is part of us.
And all these scenes repeating are cold to the touch.

My hands seem to deceive me
When I'm nervous or when I'm healthy.
The scenery's all drawn.

They hang here from the walls dear,
Painting pictures, bleeding colors,
Blanket the windows.

Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.
Your eyes can see right through me.

These fights with your arms left beside.
It's one thing and one more says goodnight.
You've got the map come get to me.
These knuckles break before they bleed.

Tear out these veins that own my heart.
This skin that wears your lasting marks.
I've built these walls come get to me, come get to me.

Is this your lesson, a slight discretion,
The lines that keep you, the lines that sweep you.
Lock the doors from the inside.

Your face is so contagious, it wears announcements,
It leaves me breathless, I won't forget this,
I won't forget.

Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.
Your eyes can see right through me.

Let the walls have their say. [x6]
Have their say.

There's no conversation, words without remorse.
And this television drowns the only source.
Wake from these dreams of you in my arms.
Go to the staircase where you hold my heart.
This place, these walls mean everything to me.

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Dude! | Reviewer: N/A | 9/11/12

It does not even matter if they are christian are not?
People if you like there music listen to it.
If you don't like it do otherwise.
Emery is a great band, they may have their religious veiws, but that doesn't mean all of there songs must be about God. Yes they may have some points to get across but its a song you have the right to interpret it the way you please.
So just enjoy the beauty of music.

God real? | Reviewer: Conner | 10/16/10

To Brice the person talking about schools above you was correct and if you read James chapter 3 and one of the proverbs better yet if I was you I'd read them all lol. But it'll tell you that cussing or cursing someone is wrong. And tell me why you don't believe in God man? This coming from someone who grew up in church had my doubts but finally realize on my own he don't say I can't think bc you'll be very surprised at how much I can if you talk to me. But tell me this how can life as you know it be soooooooo organized down to the patterns on leaves if everything was created in mass chaos(big bang). And then if we were 6 feet closer or further from sun we'd freeze or burn. Now you'd say there's millions of planets it had to work out by luck but quantum physicist say that it couldn't have happened by luck or a roll of a die. And then the word for the smallest unit of measurement we k ow just evaded me but if that amount of energy were missing from the universe those same quantum physicist say the universe would go into mass chaos and spin outta control. To me that's proof enough of a God

hmm | Reviewer: harris | 3/13/10

well the walls actually seem to represent emotional walls but at the same time seem to represent an actual place of great significance and sentimental value to a relationship, which is why he says "let the walls have their say" which is a reference to the cliche saying: "if these walls could talk". he says he built the walls, and says "come get to me" which is like saying he is closed off as if to say unavailable seeming to pertain to emotionally. hard to breathe seems to represent anxiety and insecurity. "your eyes see right through me" is like saying you can see who i truly am despite the emotional walls i have put up, as in: u know who i truly am and see through my facade, you know im insecure and anxious. "your face is so contagious it wears announcements and leaves me breathless" is like saying i can tell how you feel about me just by looking at you:thus face wears announcements. and contagious meaning he cant stop looking despite the fact that he knows the person he is looking at knows who he truly is, behind his walls and through his facade. so it really seems as if it would be a person very close to him and has known him for a long time.
final consensus being the song is about an ex or current.

opinion | Reviewer: Kari | 1/31/10

I agree with dude below, but not on the meaning of the song. I interpreted it in a Christian way.
"Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.
Your eyes see right through me."
That, to me, refers to Christ more than anything. I know Jesus sees through all the meaningless BS I do, and no one else has the ability to do that.
"Your face is so contagious, it wears announcements,
It leaves me breathless, I won't forget this. I won't forget."
And that line, just makes me think of Mercy Me's I can Only Imagine. I just got a strong mental image of Jesus while hearing this song and knowing the lyrics, but I agree it can be anyone's interpretation, it's all about how the lyrics make you feel.

interpretation? | Reviewer: Dylan | 12/22/09

guys, i saw emery with august burns red and underoath, both of whom are "Christian" bands. august burns red is some of the heaviest shit i've heard and they prayed on stage before performing. emery, however, didn't pray and doesn't proclaim themselves Christian. and although you can "get" christian lyrics out of this song, i really don't think they are there. you can find meaning in ANY lyrics. you can find christian lyrics in backstreet boys songs. "you are my fire" bam that's talking about Christ. instead of getting all freaked out by the "correct" meaning why don't you just develop your own stance on the song and get your own interpretation? this song for me isa bout a girl. these lyrics sound like he's attached to a girl and the house and walls around him have witnessed what goes on between him and the girl, and the house and walls have great sentimental value.

To Brice | Reviewer: Bryan | 8/17/09

Emery is a Christian band. Well more like a band made up of Christian members.

Look what they said in an interview with

"I know for a while it was a big fad to like have a lot of Christian bands we're just Christian guys in a band so I mean first and foremost we’re Christians above anything else ... obviously ... the band is going to come and go and it will be over one day and that’s just the way it goes. It’s just like any other occupation. We are Christians first and foremost and therefore it has to impact what we do everyday as our job and in our lives so I mean… everyday we’ve got tons of Christian fans that their like, "Hey you guys are the best Christian band blah blah blah or one of the best or whatever," and that is fine, but we gave up on trying to draw that line because it’s pretty much you have to get out of the stigma of being labeled a Christian band where non-Christian people will listen to you because if you play in only Christian venues or you play with all Christian bands all the time you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot for as far as having a career goes and even as ministry speaking ...

...I mean there is a place for that. There are bands out there like worship bands and stuff that are great at that and I think they are called to do that but we definitely are not called to do that. We tried it, we played in churches before and we have played with a lot of Christian bands several times and we felt really really out of place, we kind of felt like, it was almost like God was saying this isn’t what you guys are supposed to be doing. Not that it was anything bad or anything like that but we just didn’t have that spirit of fulfillment that we feel like we do have now because we relate so much better to people, to crowds like this than we do youth group crowds."

Dont say they ARENT Christian, because THEY ARE. And THEY said it.

A comment for brice on pg 1 | Reviewer: Josh | 7/21/09

Brice said "But to restrict yourself to the views of another is ludicrous. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Go to school" At school you read books written by other people in all your classes. The school or teacher decides the curriculum for the classes depending on what they want you to know. Are there liberal schools... Yes. Do they turn out predominately liberal Graduates... Yes. Why? They select curriculum for their students written by people with liberal views. The education system is a powerful entity with an agenda. I know you think for yourself Brice. Bottom line. Everyone thinks for themselves. Furthermore,
A true Christian must personally CHOOSE Christ. A true atheist must personally CHOOSE atheism. There must be a thought process leading to a revelation or discovery of truth whether the church is pushing Christ or the school is pushing atheism.
Brice, you need to be unbiased if you want to see clearly.

christian band | Reviewer: unknown | 7/21/08

i love this band.. im like addicted to them yea emery is a christian band.. it might not seem like it..but they got those good hidden messages in their songs that make pple think.. keep goin strong!!

Response to several reviews | Reviewer: Katie | 7/19/08

First of all, I would like to say that Emery is an amazing band of talented, Christian guys (not a Christian band), and I totally respect them for what they do. Second, in response to Brice about the afterlife, you may be right. Everyone will die and it will be eternal unconsciousness,and you should try to live a good life and help others. I guess we'll never know then. But what if you're wrong, and there is more to life? What if God, and heaven, and hell do exist? What will you do then? I'm not trying to turn things around and shove them in your face, but I believe in Jesus and that heaven and hell are very real places. So for someone who believes in a place like hell, wouldn't it make sense to try and keep others from spending an eternity there?
To make my next point, the members of Emery may not always weave a "Christian message" or connotation to their lyrics, but their faith and beliefs probably have a strong influence on the music that they write.
As for Christians cussing, it says in the Bible, which should be the basis for Christian living, that you shouldn't let any unwholesome words come out of your mouth, or anything that is harmful to others. I don't remember the exact reference at the moment, but if you look it up you'll find it. Yes, the English language did not exist during Jesus' time, but that doesn't change a thing. Using God's name in vain, or using a word with angry intentions is wrong no matter what.
Again, I am not forcing my beliefs on anyone. However, I take my faith seriously, and am willing to talk with anyone about anything.

You are f-tards. | Reviewer: brice | 7/8/08

So listen up f-tards...

Do none of you understand the point of music and entertainment?? If a song was made to have a certain meaning a) the meaning would stated plainly in the song. or b) the cd would come with a booklet defining the meaning of the songs on an album. When a band makes a song, they make it for the listener and the listener's interest. It is then your job to listen and make your own meaning. When you try to say that one song only has one meaning, you are being ridiculous. Any sentence can be interpreted with any number of meanings, depending on the listener's experiences. Emery is not a christian band. Don't say that they are, because even they say they are not. Listen to a song, interpret it for yourself and use that interpretation accordingly. If you can't interpret, feel sorry for yourself that you are so out of touch with life that you can't even read something and interpret it. That's the problem with the world, everyone needs to be told what to do and how to do it. And that is why you are a christian in the first place. You were told as a child that god is great (but how can something non-existant be great? lol). You were told ridiculous stories made up by priests, and told to believe them or else, so you did. Life is strictly what you see. You live, you die, the end. Get over it. Live a fulfilling life, help humanity as much as you can, and you will be happy. But to restrict yourself to the views of another is ludicrous. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Go to school. Stop listening to what the media tells you. The only thing you can do in life is live. There is no great afterlife. You only have life. And most of you are wasting it. Once it's gone, it never comes back. Think about it. Matter fact, just think.

And ps. A christian can cuss. There's no such thing as a cuss word. Only words that are less acceptable to the people that control you. If god does exist. I think he would have better things to worry about then the illicit words you use. lol. Grow up.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/08

being a christian does not mean you cant cus, all cus words can be replaced.

BTW: this is the best song emery has ever done, but Disguising Mistakes, and Studying Politics are really close.
me and my my friends are gonna cover Walls.

Review | Reviewer: alyssa | 5/22/08

I do think that this song does have some christian meaning. The whole song doesn't seem to have God as the main focus but there could be some underlying lines like

"Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.
Your eyes see right through me."

I think that this line has to do with no one really being able to understand him or figure out what he's dealing with and God is the only one who can see past the walls that he builds up.

To the staircase where you hold my heart

This line for me seems to be about Heaven being the staircase where God holds his heart. This is just me and what i think. Still a good song and powerful lyrics just like their other songs.

yeah!!.. | Reviewer: Nathan | 5/20/08

So all i gotta say is that


and all u guys should quit trying to tell other people whats right and wrong through another bands song..after all thats what emery talks about in there song Listening to Freddie Mercury..go check it out..


History | Reviewer: Leah | 5/17/08

If walls could talk, they would learn to scream. If walls could scream, they would learn how to preform this song.

This is Emery. Emery gave birth to the best song to grace the music industry a few years back, and the child's name is Walls.
Preformed to end their shows, it makes listening to them all the better. Nothing by anyone could ever become in arms reach of how great this song is.

dustin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/08

i find it ridiculous to say you arent supposed to curse if you're a christian, thats inhibiting being human and besides english wasnt existant during jesus' time so neither were b*tch or F*ck etc. they are words with implied meaning to stress the point. They made the best choice not to only play christian venues the point of america as the world is to bring people together i love french rap and thrice( dustin kensrue is extremely christian) and many different things i am a well rounded person but im also agnostic and im comfortable with that. this song is very powerful whatever the meaning you get out of it. i feel worship should only be confined but i mean i feel a band shouldn't label themselves christian if they expect to reach a wide audience