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Philip Claypool Wall Lyrics

Last updated: 02/18/2005 10:00:00 AM

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Feels cold to the touch it reaches to the sky
And it's one too many heartaches wide
No cracks no doors no windows at all
I couldn't knock it over with a demolition ball
Yeah I've tried so hard tryin' to break through
Beat my head against it but now it's up to you
Let the wall come tumbling down
Let those mem'ries turn to dust and let 'em crumble to the ground
I hear your heart beatin' on the other side it's such a lonely sound
Let the wall come tumbling down
[ guitar ]
Oh to drop your guard is the hardest thing to do
Cause with every teardrop that fortress grew
I can feel your fear in your trembling kiss
But mow you gotta decide girl if love is worth the risk
I won't hurt or destroy you I promise my love
No need to stay a prisoner just give those doubts a shove
And let the wall come tumbling down...
[ guitar ]
Let the wall come tumbling down...
Just let the wall come tumbling down
Come tumbling down come tumbling down

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