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U2 Walk to the Water Lyrics

Last updated: 07/12/2011 11:00:00 AM

She said it wasn't cold
She left her coat at home that day
She wore canvas shoes
White canvas shoes
Around her neck
She wore a silver necklace
'It was given to me by my father' she said
'It was given to me'

She took the back way home
Past the lights at Summerhill
Turn left on to the north strand
And on, on towards the sea

He said he was an artist
But he really painted billboards
In large capital letters
In large capital letters
He was telling jokes
But nobody else would listen to him

I saw you that day
Your lips were cherry red
Your legs were crossed, your arms wide open

Your hair was coloured gold
And like a field of corn
You were blown by the wind
You were blown by the wind

Walk, walk, walk to the water
Walk with me awhile
Walk, walk, walk to the roadside
Walk me in a light

A room in the Royal hotel
With sea facing views
A man with a suitcase
Full of things he doesn't need
I'm looking through your window
I'm walking through your doorway
I'm on the outside
Let me in

Let me love you
Let me love you
Let me

Walk, walk, walk to the water
Walk with me
Walk, walk, walk to the roadside

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Walk to the water | Reviewer: Mozart | 7/12/11

Three strangers (the girl, the painter, and the man with the suitcase). All three of them odd and very lonely- looking for attention and love. The songwriter is looking for someone to love. He sees a salesman- vain things are in his suitcase. He sees a girl- she's beautiful and vain at the same time. He knows of a painter that is not really an artist but pretends to be- vanity in capital letters. His love is stronger than their vanity. The songwriter wants to get to know them. Wants to walk with them so as not to judge them.

To me, this is my favorite U2 song.