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Mayer: This songs pretty angry...

We spotted the ocean
At the head of the trail
Where are we goin'
So far away
And somebody told me
That this is the place
Where everything's better
And everything's safe

Walk on the ocean
Step on the stones
Flesh becomes water
Wood becomes bone

Half an hour later
We packed up our things
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We said we'd send letters
And all of those little things
And they knew we were lyin'
But they smiled just the same
It seemed they'd already
Forgotten we came


Back at the homestead
Where the air makes you choke
And people don't know you
And trust is a joke
We don't even have pictures
Just memories to hold
grows sweeter each season
as we slowly grow old

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Great song and lyrics | Reviewer: Tom | 2/11/12

I think this song has a strong reminiscence or nostalgy in the lyrics, in my case everytime I heard this song I feel like I´m at the ocean, and I believe it´s about a couple that know each other in some beach and then have to say good bye but never forget each other, wonderful song, I hope like it to my kids.

Toad Rocks | Reviewer: Randy | 1/27/10

As stated this song was written by Toad the Wet Sprocket. I believe Todd Nichols wrote the music and Glen Phillips wrote the lyrics. From what I read from Glen, he had just come back from vacation and needed one more song to finish their new cd (Fear). Todd had written the music and Glen just wrote the lyrics. From what he said, there wasn't really much meaning behind them, he just came back from vacation and just kind of wrote a song about his trip. I saw him once in concert where he criticized himself for rhyming the same word (things). "we packed up our things, said we'd send letters and all of those little things" Called it a violation of lyric writing 101

meaning | Reviewer: JJ | 3/22/09

I haven't read all of the thoughts about this song, but I can tell you that of everything I have read, none of them actually cover what I believe it's talking about.

In the third verse it says:

And THEY knew we were lyin'
But THEY smiled just the same
It seemed they'd already
Forgotten we came

To me, it's about a couple looking for an escape and safety. And in that they meet someone who shows them that they can find safety in each other. They're not leaving each other at the end of the summer, they're continuing life together. And when they say that they'd send letters, it was to the people they met who taught them one of life's great lessons. But to them, it's an everyday thing, and before the young couple even leaves, it's like they'd already forgotten they came.
Am I just rambling or does that make sense to everyone else too?

SONG MEANING. | Reviewer: Chad | 1/27/09

It's about a boy and a girl, most likely on a summer vacation. The two of them had a thing or a little fun, and said they'd send letters, and all those little things. but they didn't, nor did they take pictures. so they only have memories to hold, that grow sweeter each season, as they grow older. NOTHING about a sea program (WTF?). and this song is a cover.

WHAT IT MEANS... | Reviewer: Rob | 8/1/08

I really tried to figure out what was meant by this song but I often think when songs are written they aren't like poems where they mean exactly something. What I got out of this was the following. They referred to a trail and the ocean being at the end of it. To me like a long road with something really good at the end of it. The ocean signified the 'good' that two people experience towards the end of the journey... and maybe it's vastness. Stepping stones were the good and bad on the road... flesh becomes water and wood becomes bone. All things turn into what you're experiencing... there's no separation of the experience and the relationship. Lastly, the end about packing up and leaving and life getting back to normal is the end of the relationship. I dunno, all I could figure out from it.

where in the world??? | Reviewer: Rich | 12/11/07

Did you get the idea this song was about Sea Education Associations programs? That's ridiculous.

But yes, I am also an alumni of this program. And I saw TTWS back in 1991 when they were just getting going. Loved them back then too. My interest in them waned after their first two albums. Nice to see JM doing their song though.

amazing. | Reviewer: tess | 12/12/07

i honestly don't care who sang this or anything, even if the worst voice in the world(okay maybe not the worst) sang it.. this song is just wonderful. it just works, i don't know. like its an uplifting tone with lyrics that just make you realize hey, sometimes stuff might be good but you always have to go back to reality. idk, i love it.

re: JM | Reviewer: Lauren | 7/13/07

The reason this is tagged as a JM song is because back in January of 2001, Glen Phillips put on a life show at the Norva, and John Mayer performed this with him. He also played on another song that night, called "Celebration."

thank glen | Reviewer: mr. e | 5/8/07

just pointing out one more time that this is a Toad song, Glen is the man. Btw he is still making music, I just saw him live and it was awesome. I recommend his 'Live at Largo' album, and if you can, go see him.

Close.. so close | Reviewer: jen | 3/19/07

This is a Glen Philips song, however John Mayer has covered it with the band Nickel Creek.. who are friend of Glen Philips :)

surprised | Reviewer: luigi | 2/15/07

I saw TTWS 'way back in 1991 when they were opening for the B-52's, and at the time I thought they were dreary, uninspired Edie-Brickell-and-the-New-Bohemians wannabes. Maybe it was just because they were opening for the B-52's and the vibe was totally wrong. Anyway, I heard this song for the first time tonight, and I was so taken with it's subtle lyrics and fascinating chord progressions that I had to look it up.
Well, waddaya know. John Mayer, huh? Glenn Phillips, huh? Who woulda thunk it...
BTW, does anyone else realise that TTWS is one of the rejected titles for the old british comedy series that came to be known as Monty Python's Flying Circus (along with other gems such as "Owl Stretching Time")? I know, I'm probably only the most recent person to point that out.
Anyways, great song.

What does it mean? | Reviewer: Drew | 2/20/07

From what I understand it was actually about the SEA program. My girlfriend attended it. It is basically about going away for a semester at sea, and the friends and trust and bonds that developed in that short time onboard the ship, and how ordinary life does not compare when you get home. It's something that most mariners understand that others do not. He summed it up perfectly.


Does anybody know what Glen Philips meant by these lyrics? I feel like it signifies a short-lived love between two who part, then never foreget or see each other again. Good song..............wish TTWS (not a John Mayer song) would do more stuff!

It's actually not John Mayer | Reviewer: Nick | 9/22/05

This song is actually by Glen Phillips, performed by him when he was in Toad the Wet Sprocket. But nevertheless, it's an awesome song :)

great!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: g | 7/29/05

i absolutely love this song!!! Its so great! And i didnt know it was by john mayer now i love it even more!!!!

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