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Pray for blood
Pray for the cleansing
Pray for the flood
Pray for the end of this nightmare
This lie of a life can as quickly as it came dissolve

We seek only reprieve
And welcome the darkness
The myth of a meaning, so lost and forgotten

Take hold of my hand
For you are no longer alone
Walk with me in hell

Pray for solace
Pray for resolve
Pray for a savior
Pray for deliverance
Some kind of purpose, a glimpse of a light in this void of existence

Now witness the end of an age
Hope dies in hands of believers
Who seek the truth in the liar's eyes

Take hold of my hand
For you are no longer alone
Walk with me in hell

Walk with me in hell
Walk with me in hell
Walk with me in hell
Walk with me in hell
Walk with me in hell

Take hold of my hand
For you are no longer alone
Walk with me in hell

Walk with me in hell
Walk with me in hell

You're never alone
You're never alone
You're never alone

You're never alone
You're never alone
Walk with me in hell

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bible freaks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/13

This goes to all the bible freaks out ther......Did Jesus ask us to praise him??? He didn't....so why do all the religious believer praise him instead of praising the one who sent him.....Jesus himself told us in the bible...."Praise He(God) who sent me"........so all u religious believer think twice before teaching the others

me and the holy spirit | Reviewer: carrieanne | 5/21/13

Seriously if jesuse msde this son for his wife !
Well he wasnt lyen to her while she walks the earth her life will be a walk of hell but at least he walked with her in it and to the one who called his wife a whore what would it matter to u !
Were u born with no sin or mastakes and are u of holyness r u !
I dont think u are and if god made her for jesus in the end if she repentered her mistakes what would u care for ?
Obviously she did so if god made her have the holy spirit sown in her for him isnt it better that she became living prove to prove to the world that shewas a sinner and repentered what god told her not to do !
I think u should all have respect for the man that was crusified for our sins and the women who bride is to him !
Because you dobt no what road yoyr headen down because i no your not inocent by the way u talk of his wife xx love the wife u go girl dont let any ine tell u your not good enough obviusly the holy ones no who u r and howbyour life was inslaved by the dragon xx

L.O.G ROCKS.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/13

I think we should concentrate on song.... why we are making some bullshit and relating to religion...c'mmon man!!! This song encourages to be strong and always forget our greif and All sorrows and take it as experince do not take it seriously... just As a expereince.... Always be strong and never lose faith and nothing else.... And really this is a great song and rhythmic....

Live and let Live | Reviewer: Me | 3/21/13

ya know the one who wrote this UHmm song knows the meaning Every1 has to live and make there own in this life Im a religous person and i only minister to people who have that want to listen and to the lost that it might give them hope For the rest i was told to just pray for them and dont get it wrong IM IN that prayer2.. We sin then repent at some point and in HIS mercy forgives us- After then the cycle repeats again over and over generation after generation century after century no matter how fathless man is(GOD) remains true to himself..(mercyful)Sooooo people lets let every1 live there own lifes test and in the end we'll see how that works out for them ..

religion? huh! | Reviewer: dark matter | 2/14/13

watch as the world burns with your nuclear toys and your pretty little war machines and now you guys are so busy with your religion, right? its like killers going to the church every week. Rapists and murderers being accepted in our society. Millions of innocent people killed in Iraq war only to avenge a scripted 9/11 attack. 45% of the American population is obese and 40% African population suffer from starvation. WAKE UP! people please WAKE UP!!! and take a look around this hell we have created!

One and only | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/13

My name is Zachary Austen Nelson and I could really careless about my name. I believe in Christ Jesus, I pray for the dead, the undead, and the living. He has saved my soul and we, along with all others that have accepted Christ's sacrifice of Himself on the cross are going to be reunited when He comes back. It doesn't matter to me when...I'm a sinner who should be cast into the Lake of Fire for all of time. But the Lord my God has saved me from my self. Satan almost consumed me but here I stand a new creation in the name of Jesus Christ. If it be the will of my Father in Heaven I will go on the cross for any one man or any one woman, if that's what it takes to save one life the pit of Hell.
The Light shines the brightest in the darkness.

fuck this shitty bible | Reviewer: y christ | 11/28/12

If anti christ ....so be it...U bible promoting fucker dont know who Jesus father was and where he ran off after he was born for 30+ fuckin years and got rammed on to cross when he was back...mary had to fuckin run away outside and lay her baby in hiding..so many mf got rammmed into th cross during that period and if he had risen from dead why did he run away instead of saving his believers. If he had risen are you praying the undead..devil workship in most of the cutures across the world...no rligion teachs to drink in place of workship except this one... nd the so clled jesus was getting laid with magbeth.. if you are acqising the muslim broher of being terriost..think well who started the holy war in history called crusade...muslims where only deending nd protecting their faith. U imposin mf...if the christianty was so good why dont jew follow it....cuase they know the truth about the whore's son. Adam and eve had two sons so who fucked the mother....no religion ask people to disrepect other exept this one, in the 10 comandment .

Fuck you we love this band no matter what.

to those bagging on religion | Reviewer: a little advice | 10/3/12

Before you criticize any religion you have to understand it in all aspects. Some of this reprimand is obviously subjective.
- do you think your voice is gonna matter to a establishment that's been around for centuries? Nope, your judgment of them is really insignificant. Doesn't matter, never will. So keep it to yourself.

Lol | Reviewer: Lamb Of Man | 9/19/12

Christians, you attempt to FORCE your religion on others, regradless on who they are or what music they listen to.
But L.O.G fans, quote from your masters when you put up with this crap.
"see who gives a fuck"

this song rocks | Reviewer: Bob the stoner | 7/12/12

this a great song and the guy below me is right its about him and his wife...and for all you bible freaks no one gives a shit about your stupid bible, i mean really.i smoked the bible in high school. do you think people really care about the meaning to a metal song? people like myself just wanna hear it go see it in a concert and get in the fuckin pit...but yes it is truely a master peace of a song ...

You guys don't have a clue lol. | Reviewer: Max | 6/19/12

I heard an interview with Mark Morton about what this song is (He wrote it) and he said that this song is a LOVE song for his wife.

I also saw LoG almost one month ago and I met them and asked him personally, what's Walk With Me In Hell about and he said that the song is a love song for his wife, on the hard life they're going through together, and that every day she has to "walk with him in hell". He is simply implying that the rockstar life is not easy as it seems and that's simply what he means. Many of you think that it's about religion, or about god, or some shit like that, but Mark Morton told me himself, so you know.. But yes, this song has some references for Religion or God. You can take it however you want, but what each of you said is far from the truth.

Not your place | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/12

For all of you religious people who keep on spewing out nonsense about repentance and salvation. I am here to say who are you to pass judgement,according to your religion we are all God's children, so would you send one of your own children to pass judgement on another of your own children who has been misbehaving. If God does exist he alone will pass judgement and decide who will be saved and who will be damned or do you all see yourself so high that you may pass judgement on others in his stead, know your place and live your life as you chose and let others do the same, because if God really did create all of us then he gave us the ability to chose for a reason.

:( | Reviewer: valor | 6/2/12

this band is fuckingly out of limit why not you guys be born again and sing in which God will be pleased and bless you all and takes you all to heaven please be born again one and all

Oii | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/12

Christianity is not a religion but its a Relation with God who is Jesus.turn away from ur sins..repent for the king of Kings is coming..are u ready to meet Him or keep on defying Him..and yeah please do nt Mock ..that line whch says 'Liar..'

Just a quick thought on this one. | Reviewer: Sin | 5/9/12

Yeah, I am a Muslim and I am not offended, we are highly religious, some of us, you already know that, you even call some of us or maybe generalize us all as Extremists. I see this song as a Master Peace or Art of something that is a lie that is already seen! That is all, and I hope you see a lie like in a mirror. We are all Liars, and to seek THE ONE TRUTH is the main purpose of a Human Being on this world. Thanks.

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