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Would I believe you when you would say
Your hand will guide my every way
Will I receive the words You say
Every moment of every day

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see
Well because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

Help me to win my endless fears
You've been so faithful for all my years
With one breath You make me new
Your grace covers all I do

yeah, yeah , yeah, yeah, yeah, ya


Well I'm broken- but I still see Your face
Well You've spoken- pouring Your words of grace

[chorus x2]

Well hallelujah, hallelu
(I will walk by faith)
Well hallelujah, hallelu
(I will walk by faith)

I will walk, I will walk, I will walk by faith
I will, I will, I will walk by faith my momma

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Thanks to my mom for submitting Walk By Faith Lyrics.
Beautiful song :) | Reviewer: Madison | 10/21/13

I sung this song for my best friends graduation. This song is simply beautiful, it really sums up how God feels for us. How much he loves us and wants us to prosper. He is trully incredible, and he has been faithful to me, and will continue to be. His love is constant. He will never love you more than he does right now. :)

Warrior for God | Reviewer: Servant | 10/9/13

This song Walk by Faith really speaks to me. During our hard times
and brokenness, we need to keep the faith and hold on because it is through these times in out lives that God works and reveals
Himself to us. When it is all said and done and we look back, you
can see the hand of God, but that is only when we walk by faith and
we are obedient to the will of the our Father, so that He can take us to where He wants us to be.

I will walk by faith.. | Reviewer: carol rubio | 7/18/13

This song every time I hear it on the radio it brings tears of joy..giving birth to my 3rd child I had a complication that cost us both our lives. Doctors didn't give us any hopes and spoke the words "we are sorry we will try our best to save them both but there's no guarantee. ...after all this I am still standing and my baby is happily 8 months old now..Unfortunately my daughter suffered the most. She has medical problems and is been a rough ride but guess what? I WILL WALK BY FAITH!!!!!

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Richard | 6/29/13

I first heard this song at concert that Jeremy Camp was part of, called winter fest. It was awesome.! Then I started having problems with my feet, had to give up my job, and lost my income, and just about every thing else I had. Then the doctors said my leg had to come off.! It was up to ME to decide when to have the surgery.! How do you decide to cut off your own leg..? I couldn't do it.! So I prayed, and went to four more surgeons, and heard the same thing, four more times..! Then I met my current doctor and said he would like to try to stop the bone infection and save, not just my leg, but the entire foot..! It's been two years, and we are still trying, but as of today, I still have both of my feet and it has been a walk of faith, every day..! I will, walk by faith...

Thankful | Reviewer: Selena | 5/1/13

I'm thankful The Lord brought this song to my mind this evening. I'm at a place of surrendering my will to The Lord and trusting that He knows what's best for me. So...I will walk by faith.
Thank you Lord, that you are with me each step of the way. Thank you that You've gone before me to show me that with Your help, it is possible. I love you Jesus!

God's promise | Reviewer: eye in the sky | 11/2/11

We believe in the things we see, but we have faith in the things we don't. But our God is a perfect God, and He fullfilled all the promises He made. So He is going to come back again, but this time as the King He is

Response to below. | Reviewer: J | 7/10/11

Broken Road is the path of life we travel on. The road is not smooth and paved. It's rugged and mountainous. These hardships prepares God's will for us. It makes us receptive to God's calling. Consistently, we choose to overcome our problems with our own powers. We need to come to depend on God and God alone. On this path of a broken road, we come to realize that only through God can we traverse this path. And when we come to accept that and receive Him, can we truly walk by faith.

What can I say? | Reviewer: Paul | 6/22/11

Despite the praise for this song, I have to wonder why it reached the top. At times, the meaning gets lost in a disappointing use of language. Example: How can a broken road prepare God's will? God prepares his will.

Great song, walk by faith | Reviewer: Emma | 4/21/11

In those period when the going really gets tough, all you need is to put this sond and play it over and over again, like Abraham did walk by faith and he believed the promise of God in his life, who against hope believed, and it was counted to him for righteousness because he believed God and he became the father of many nation, of a truth we need faith to walk with God and also to please him, even when we cannot see, He sees it all, He knows it all, He understands it all, and above all, He can do it all. The song is powerful and christians all over the world need to start operating on a new level of faith with God.

Walk by Faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/10

I'm going through a very hard time right now and I find myself saying those three words over and over again in my head, "Walk by Faith." I've always liked this song, but lately I've been loving this song so much. I keep playing it over and over again. I'm saying those three amazing words over and over again to myself and its helping me so much from just breaking down. It's so powerful and I know that I can get through this and I will walk by faith.

amazing faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

i really want LOrd Jesus to guide me in every path i will take..i did realized how God is really powerful, before i ended up believing at myself and nothing is pure but loneliness and hate inside of me. i'm so blessed that God renewed me spiritually, and never forsaken me because He taught me how to Walk by Faith..i know how difficult life sometimes is, but testing us to believe even we cannot see..
Thank you Lord Jesus for refreshing my soul..Glory for you alone

Instilling faith in the faithless and mending a broken heart | Reviewer: Henry Diamond | 6/24/10

I have gone through more pain in the last two years then anyone should have to go through in their entire lifetime. I lost my home and everything I ever owned to a fire in 2007, I lost my best friend to drugs a year ago, and now, I'm about to lose another loved one. I always wondered why my life sucked so much, why it was one tragic event after another. It was only after looking up the lyrics to this song that I realized that these are random events. God is testing me. The road my life is taking, it is broken, and these tragic events are the cracks in the road. I made a mistake by blindly following a path that I deemed to be the right one. I have found through this song that get to where I need to be, I must let Jesus take my heart in his hands and allow him to guide me. I have come to the realization that only through the power of God's love can I truly be free.

amazing | Reviewer: sani | 4/26/10

i am going through a very hard time right now. im dealing with issues i never thought i would. i had absolutely no faith whatsoever. then on a whim, i looked up these lyrics as a last resort. let me tell you, this song has gotten me through some tough stuff. i highly recommend this song to everybody.

amazing | Reviewer: val | 7/5/09

i'm so lonely and confused.i don't know where i'm going and what awaits me.i just was sitting here thinking why God keeps me being alone and unsure.but then words from this song poped up in my mind and..
I will walk by faith even when i can not see
Thank you Lord
this is amazing song

love this song | Reviewer: kara | 6/5/09

I absolutely love this song. I found out a few weeks ago that he wrote it while on his honeymoon with his first wife that had cancer that eventually caused her to die. Now when I hear this song it just makes me realize that everybody had different battles, but that doesn't mean we should lose our faith.

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