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I remember the summer I turned sixteen
And that old jalopy Daddy gave to me
It had holes in the floor and just a 305
But I didn't care 'cause I could finally drive
There wasn't much to do in my hometown
So every weekend night, we would all go down:

There were freaks and hippies in my high school
Football players all tryin' to be cool
And everybody scramblin' to hide their beer
When the cops drove by 'til the coast was clear
Kids fallin' in and out of love
On the hood of Chevys, in the beds of trucks
We were stumblin' our way through life 'til our senior year
But man we sure did learn a lot
In that Wal-Mart parking lot

She had long blond hair and sea-green eyes
The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life
But I was young and dumb and didn't have a line
And all I could say was, "Can I call ya' sometime?"
She just said no and walked away
And that was the first time I felt my heart break

[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah, we all did a lot of livin'
It was small-town teenage heaven

[Repeat Chorus]

Well I had my first kiss, my first love
Got my ass kicked but I got back up
Lost my way, found it again
Had one long buzz and a dozen best friends
In that Wal-Mart parking lot
In that Wal-Mart parking lot

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true song | Reviewer: cole | 12/26/12

small town in va i rembember i was in middle school and my big brother was in high school we would always meet at wal mart every weekend and hang out all night or till the cops ran us off :)

De Ridder | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/09

lol this song is actually very true ... he grew up in a lil town called DeRidder Louisiana ... and they really do that ... walmart parkin lot and sonic cause sonic is kinda in the parkin lot of walmart... i laughed my ass off when i listened to that song ..

Sounds like me.. | Reviewer: Katie | 6/20/09

This sounds like my friends and I.. We go to walmart ALL THE TIME. Are town is so small thats all the town does... fall in and out of love, go to walmart, and drink beer and run from the cops. I really wish this could be our senior song but it can;t cause it talks aobut beer..lame:(

So Like Home | Reviewer: Lily. | 12/23/07

The only thing to do in our small town of York, SC, is go to WalMart, unless you want to go to see whatever movie is showing down town that week, or there is a game at the highschool. It's always been a joke, even though it's true. I think I'll suggest this for the senior song this year.

Just like my town!! | Reviewer: Steff | 11/9/07

I love this song!! It's so much like my town. My husband actually proposed to me in the Walmart parking lot! How redneck are we!

LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: bobby | 11/3/07

Oh men. I love this song. If only there is a music video of this song, it will be very nice. Lyrics are nice too. Those who are in lust should listen to this song.

Walmart Parking Lot. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/07

This song reminds me of one of my like greatest friend, who passed away on October 7th..Becuase where I live everyone hangs out and does hide their beer when the cops come. Kids do fall in love and out of love, especially in the hoods and beds of FORDS, not chevy's though. Chris Cagle writes some of the best country songs. I just flat out love this song.

love | Reviewer: Cassie | 10/21/07

this song is amazing the first time i heard it i was hunting with my boyfriend and it reminds me of where i live, except like most other people who posted a review, instead of walmart its mckays cause our town is too small to have a walmart =]
amazing song

COWGIRL UP | Reviewer: kayla | 9/27/07

this song gives me so many memories, me and all the hicks go hang out in our wal-mart parking lot.. love the song...
kayla (aka) BAD ASS REBAL GIRL

*Sara Kayleen Jones*01-09-1990/08-18-2007 | Reviewer: Leslie | 9/18/07

this songs is a great song.i didnt hear it until one of my friends funrals(spelling).it decribes her so much..it is one of my favorit songs.if she was here she would say the same thing.she was a great girl and friend.just wanted to say that this song has touched alot of people.in so many different ways. <3 Leslie
In <3in Memory Of
*Sara Kayleen Jones*|
The Best Die Young.

Love Story | Reviewer: stefanie | 8/2/07

My relationship with my now-husband began in the Walmart parking lot! I used to hang out there with my at-the-time boyfriend and his friends and when we broke up his friends introduced me to Jamie. Every date we had for the first 4 months of our relationship ended with a trip to Walmart parking lot to see who was there. We have now been married 6 years and still spend a lot of time (and money!) at Walmart- it's kind of "our place"! :-)

07/02/2007 | Reviewer: Jessica MacCallum | 7/2/07

omg, if you switch the lyrics to sears parking lot, or Flett's parking lot, it will relate to the Bellefonder's and Beaverbrooker's and all the other hicks who spend their nights on the boulevard. haha fun timess.!

Jessica | Reviewer: Jessica | 6/7/07

I am from a very small town in the mountains, and this song discribes us.. we hide our beers when the cops drive by and start parting when they leave, we learn alot in the wal-mart parking lot. we dane on hoods of our cars and have a ball, when it's not football season on friday nights we are in the wal-mart parking lot.

wal-mart parking lot | Reviewer: jessica | 5/19/07

haha i love this song! it is gonna play at your graduation on sunday! but instead of wal-mart its brecktime for us! this song is SO our town!

EHEH | Reviewer: kaylin lovely | 5/14/07


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