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Coheed And Cambria Wake Up Lyrics

Last updated: 09/30/2013 09:11:36 AM

I'm gonna ride this plane out of your life again
I wish that I could stay, but you argue
More than this I wish, you could've seen my face
In backseats staring out, the window

I'll do anything for you
Kill anyone for you

So leave yourself intact
'Cause I will be coming back
In a phrase to cut these lips
I love you

The morning will come
In the press of every kiss
With your head upon my chest
Where I will annoy you
With every waking breath
Until you decide to wake up

I've earned through hope and faith
On the curves around your face
That I'm the one you'll hold forever
If morning never comes for either one of us
Then this I pray to you wherever

I'll do anything for you
This story is for you
('Cause I'd do anything you want me to for you)
I'll do anything for you
Kill anyone for you

So leave yourself intact
'Cause I won't be coming back
In a phrase to cut these lips
I loved you

The morning will come
In the press of every kiss
With your head upon my chest
Where I will annoy you
With every waking breath
Until you decide to wake up

The morning will come
In the press of every kiss
With your head upon my chest
Wh-Where I will annoy you
With every waking breath
'Til you decide to wake up

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oh! heart warming *^_^* | Reviewer: eizelle | 9/30/13

Hey! guys ...
When first heard this, I was really silent 'till the end of the song. I was really in touch it was heartwarming, yeah!!
How awsome the writer wrote this song, "inlove".
And one thing, I made this as my alarm ringtone :-)

wake up guys...

Wake up In Love | Reviewer: Mica | 1/15/13

I just recently knew about this song, and I was touch when I heard this.. My suitor told me that this is a beautiful song.. so I tried to listen, and for me it's very romantic. And while listening to this song, it feels like I want to sleep, it's like a lullaby to my ears, and it feels like heaven while I'm listening to this song. This song reminds me that it is so good to be inlove and belove.

My opinion. | Reviewer: Hey kids. | 3/16/11

I don't think this is the end of Coheed & Cambria, with the Year of The Black Rainbow. I think Claudio should expand on the lost years of the Kilgannon family. As in the time from Josephine being an infant to the time of Second Stage, since how it turns out is kinda fuzzy to me, but there might not be much to say. Sorry if I ruined a bit of the story for some of you, it's a really amazing saga, and I recommend that you all look more into it as a story. The story is not about the songs, the songs are not about the story, they are the story. It's amazing. Mr. Claudio is amazing.

About this song in particular. | Reviewer: Hey kids. | 3/16/11

It's about the Writing Writer, the person writing the Amory Wars story, and how he feels about his lover Erica Court, which is supposed to be Newo Ikkin in the story. It shows what they could have if they were a happy couple. Read Cobalt and Calcium if you care to know more and not say silly things. :P

To EmilyBlythe | Reviewer: Tyler | 12/14/10

Emily, I believe you may be mistaken about the band destroying Coheed & Cambria, there have been rumours in the Keywork about more storyline to come, plus they could easily expand on My Brothers Blood Machine, and make a band out of PfI :) Although I think I prefer the thought of Claudio staying solo on that, the sounds that he creates on his own are fantastically mindblowing.

Anyway, the world of The Amory Wars is infinite, much the same as every comic universe. There is SO much that can be talked about, this has only followed one storyline within that world :)

Prince | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/10

yup yup yup‼were not claudio nether the writer where just the listener of song that understanding what the love means..cuz this song is trying to tell us that not to stop who you love..even if they stop loving us..the time decide if we need to come back or no..or we are deciding to go to them or stop..

Attention all "fans" | Reviewer: EmilyBlythe | 10/3/10

This song, this band actually is based on Claudios graphic novels titled The Amory Wars. The story is about two people, Coheed and Cambria. Every album is another chapter in the novel. The album The Black Rainbow is a prequel meaning they've reached the end of the story. Most of the songs are about the story. As for real life experiences I'm not sure, Claudio would have to answer that. But the story is done so I'm afraid the band Coheed and Cambria is done. Although I believe they will create a new band and new characters. Go check it out. The graphic novels are on sale on the website and at concerts. Read them, THEN re-listen to the albums and they'll make more sense.

Hmmm. | Reviewer: TayAlexis | 5/17/10

Claudio seems to be an artist that let's his listeners "fill in the blanks" persay. In my opinion, the song is meant to illustrate a temporary goodbye in which many couples must endure literally or figuratively. The song didn't seem to stick with the same "ending" however. At one point the person is coming back, and in another, the person isn't. Same scenario with the morning. The morning is coming at first, but then it isn't. It seemed to me like the different scenarios represent the "what Ifs" associated with temporary goodbyes such as this.

<3 | Reviewer: kristel | 5/8/10

well, a guy that once confessed to me but i didn't show any interest with him in return.he call me up in the middle of the night as i was sleeping ("WAKE UP!"), and told me to listen to this song and read the lyrics carefully. his voice kinda sound like crying so i quickly turned on the computer and type the title on youtube. WHOA! i was really touch, little drops of tears fell from my eyes and he said that this song can tell how much he loves me. i felt so guilty about rejecting him. :'(

@anonymous 2/2/10 | Reviewer: Jake | 3/31/10

@anonymous 2/2/10 The song was written for Claudio's girlfriend Chondra Echert at that time she is now married to him. He wrote the song on an airplane when he had to leave her to go back on tour. She shortly there after broke up with him and the whole Good Apollo 1 cd is about her and how Claudio hated her for a while and Claudio even said something like " If im so into you like I was with her Im going to put you in the story and kill you" (thats not the direct quote). But they got back together and were married sometime in October 09. Most of this info was found out from watching the Neverender Dvd.

awesome song | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/2/10

hey guys, i was just wondering if any of you knew what this song was actually written for? because claudio wrote a series of comic books called the amory wars before he started the band, the comics are about 2 people, coheed and cambria, they r in love, but 2 rival families, its a romeo and juliet style, and if u listen to the lyrics for the end complete: on the brink, at the end he says drive me home one last time amory, all the songs from coheed and cambria to this date, have been explaining the comics and telling them through the music :) just wondering if you knew

? | Reviewer: Lee Debono | 1/24/10

Song lyrics, are just like the writings of a book...

The meaning behind the song is to what the reader perceives it...

not just Claudio.

So whatever you think you feel is coming from the lyrics is right, as I myself find it totally different from all of you as my own experience.

To me it is about the coming of age to change his attitude about life, and he tells her to just wait for him.

It is a love song most definatly, not a breakup song in my experiences.

This song will be the opening song to my Wedding dance with current girlfriend and my future.

so tired .. | Reviewer: chisse | 1/15/10

like them ... im also a dieHARD FAN OF THIS SONG!
i dedicatd dis song to my ex boyfriend .. he left me all alone ... and until now, im seeking and seeking and seeking for the truth and for his reason or explanation...
i don't know , how to stop loving him..everytime that i was all alone,i cant help it but to think of him...
its very hard for me to move-on,he's the man that really complete me..and i might say that right now, i don't know how to live without him...

advice nmn ...
nsktan acu ng sobra sa gnwa niang paglau... hanggang ngaun umaasa pdin acu n sbhin nia skin ng personal ang rason nia...
mskt mang amnin,sa kabila ng ginawa nia, MAHAL NA MAHAL cu pdin cia..

at ang kanyang to... ang nagpamulat skin ng isang walang katapusang pagmamahal...
BOY'S WKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lalala.. awtz! | Reviewer: Danika | 12/27/09

I can somehow relate to the song. Umm. My bf left me with some personal reasons I can't seem to understand. He said that it's for my own good and he doesn't want me to be in danger, that's why he chose the other girl. The last time we had a talk, he said "mahal na mahal na mahal kita. Naipit lang talaga ako." But why until now he can't prove that he loves me, and he can't stand and fight for me? Why can't he leave the girl, tell her that I'm the one he really loves? It just hurts that 3 yrs is not enough for him to never let me go.

Is it worth hoping that someday he'll fight for me and we'll be together again? Haizz. I want him to stay. I want to be with him, but he argued! Maybe he's already in'love with the girl. :(

This song is for him. It's like I'm the writer :) waiting for him to wake up from his stupid decision and unacceptable reasons. He had been my world for the past 3 yrs of my life. But I realized that maybe God has a better plan for me. So he better leave himself intact 'coz I decided not to come back. I somehow finished mastering the art of letting go. And now, I'm ready to begin the process of moving on. (^,^)

Seb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/09

@Your doing it wrong: it is intact about heartbreak, and Im not just making shit up. That is Claudio's intention, as it is the beginning of a character called "The Writer"'s slow decent into madness which ends in him killing Erica Court. See the Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth. If you don't want to believe the truth with solid fact right in front of you, then you can miss out on one of the most amazing stories I've ever heard told by song.