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Yellowcard Waiting Game Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

You and me
A little different
Though we tried to stay the same
It never leaves
And when it changes it is still a waiting game

I wait for a lonely breath
I wait to surface from this depth
Wait for the light to come
And take away these images I kept
In my head


More than ever
I need to feel you
More than ever
I see the real you

You and me
Our worst disaster would be waking up alone
Now we're free
We're drifting out
Like all the ones we didn't know
I wait for a silence here
I wait for things to disappear
Wait for the ground to stop moving underneath my only fear
If I lose you I don't know

More than ever
I need to feel you
It's all around
More than ever
I see the real you
And it surrounds

Everything, everything
We have had
Out of sight out of mind
Given that
What I see when I dream
Hurts like hell and back


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Touching my heart | Reviewer: Stella | 9/27/2008

This song just thouched my heart. l used to have this one person that l loved more than anyone in this world. Same kind of person but a little different. This song really touched my feelings. lyrics is just awesome..

You are me
Our worst disaster would be waking up alone..

now, my fear has come real... l don't know..

My Sin. | Reviewer: Ollie | 2/26/2008

This song reminds me of the stupidest thing I've ever done. I used to go out with a beautiful girl named Coutnie. She and I had a relationship for over seven months. Then I met this other girl and I thought I fell in love with her. So I left Courtnie for this other girl and it wasn't untill I had left my home town to live with her that I realized I didn't love her like I thought I did, if at all. It was an illusion that I fell for. Then I did some pretty stupid things and got locked up. Then I called Courtnie one day when I was on pass and she told me that she couldn't deal with the hurt anymore so please never talk to her again. This was something I couldn't deal with so I tried to comit suicide. I was unsuccessful then on a pass after that she contacted me on AIM. Right now I'm working on geting back home. This sone makes me think of Courtnie and the mistake I made. I love you Courtnie, forever and always. You're my everything.

:( | Reviewer: Chloe | 2/16/2008

Its incredible how a song like this can bring out the worst of memories in people.
there is/was a guy, that said he loved me. As soon as he was around his friends, he laughed at me, dissed me, and i cant trust him anymore.
But i still want, somehow, to feel him against me, and just to kiss him again.

Lets go back in time.... | Reviewer: Sedrick | 11/5/2007

I dont know how things turned out the way they did.
I had her, and she had me, and that was all there is to it. We were best friends for a long time, and then we starting going out. After a while, she told me it wasnt working, lets go back to being best friends. I tried. Believe me, i did. But it will never be the same, and it eats me up everyday. Seeing her, and not calling her mine. this song hit me uber-hard. I wish...

"You and me
A little different
Though we tried to stay the same" -Yellowcard

danm | Reviewer: joshua | 8/3/2007

ya jamie i miss u. im am playing this waiting game. just like u. But just as before, i need u now more than ever. ya im will still lie and say i can't stand it anymore. I will really be wishing u hear me and know what i realy mean. Dont beleive the lies i said to. I fuck up when i kissed her. your better and u know it. i dont deserve u, but i need to u because ur my crack. take a hit again and i can' t go back. i am so in love with u . and i dont know how to prove it to u. i glad ur going to have my child weather ur my to keep and hold or if i must hide my love. i asure u that i will nvr honestly say im in love with anyone else but u. love u jamie.

missin her | Reviewer: Andrew | 7/9/2007

i know im a guy and i guess guys arent suppposed to cry but i miss my girlfriend so much....we broke up about 2 weeks ago and i seen her once in the past 4 weeks....i wanted to cry when i saw her it hurt so much hearing her say its different now i just wish i could kiss her once more and say i love you.....but i cant

don't know. | Reviewer: johanna. | 5/19/2007

i want to believe him. i really do want to believe him, so badly.
but i can't. i trusted him once, and i wanna do it again, but i can't.
he says he loves me and everything, that i'm the best thing that has ever happened to him BUT I JUST CAN'T GET IT INTO MY BRAIN. i'll ruin this. just know it. fan.

.. | Reviewer: Liz | 4/21/2007

I've been alone for like forever and now i met this wonderfull guy & evrything was so perfect but now i don't seem to talk to him anymore nd i see him evry day, i just wish he would hold me one more time & look at me the way he did ..:( Everything, everything
We have had
Out of sight out of mind
i cry almost everytime i hear this :$

i miss him | Reviewer: marina | 4/6/2007

More than ever
I need to feel you

this song, specially this part remembers me to my best friend, who is like my boyfriend because 'more than ever i need to feel you'. i miss him so, so much althought he isn't far. i see him about 3 times a week, we are togheter but so broken up inside :(

simply amazing | Reviewer: Tyler | 2/6/2006

this song is probably the best song on the cd just because it throws out so much emotion with every aspect of the lyrics. when you are dealing with love it's great to have some emoish sound to it and this song captures it perfectly.