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The Damned Wait for the Blackout Lyrics

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don't you ask me to come out
when the sun does shine
beter stay here with curtains drawn
in darkness you'll be mine
let's wait for the blackout
the light is too bright
let's wait for the blackout
wait for the night
well welcome to my basement flat
no windows to see through
with darkness closing in my friend
we both know what to do

repeat chorus
come lay with me upon the earth
that keeps us both alive
no living thing has lasted here
yet we shall both survive

repeat chorus
in darkness there is no sin
light only brings the fear
nothing to corrupt the eyes
there is no vision here
at first you may find it strange
but do not go away
the darkness holds the power
that you won't find in the day
there is no vision here
there is no vision here

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