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Last updated: 06/13/2011 11:00:00 AM

Here her head, she lay
Until she'd rise and say :
"I'm starved of mirth;
Let's go and trip a dwarf"

Oh, what to be done with her ?
Oh, what to be done with her ?
Oh ...

Ice water for blood
With neither heart or spine
And then just
To pass time; let us go and rob the blind

What to be done with her ?
I ask myself :
What to be said of her ?
Oh ...

But when she calls me, I do not walk, I run
Oh, when she calls, I do not walk, I run
Oh ...
Oh ...

Oh ...

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What to be doe with her? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/11

i never actually saw this song as a man woman relationship-song. I never thought of it in that way. The narrator obviously lover her, but i think it it the sentance "what to be done with her/what to be said of her" makes me convinced it it is not about this man woman relationship. It's a stroger kind of love, like a sister or a truly close friend. If he felt embarrased of her he would have left her, but you cannot leave a siser, or a friend. Yes, she must've been adorable once, and she's lost her way. that's why he asks what is to be done with her. Ive seen it so may times, to the people whom i love; how they lose their way. and i think for me this song describes that precise anxety; what to be done with her?

Wonderful Woman | Reviewer: nya | 11/27/10

I thought that this is a song about the narrator (not necessarily Morrissey) is deeply in love with a woman he knows is evil.
That's why when he's going oh oh between the lyrics, the melody seems sort of pained and in despair, because he doesn't know what to do.

Wonderful Woman indeed... | Reviewer: NYCMOZ | 11/19/09

more than a mockery, this is a song about how men (and women) continue on in a bad relationship b/c even though we (and the rest of the world) knows better, we can't stop it...we just keep going back. Again and again and again...the "badness" of it all is too enticing to resist...

man and woman | Reviewer: Adie | 1/6/08

To me this song is a mockery of a man x woman relationship, where she is in control. Morrissey seems to find the hold she has on him amusing and stupid.