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Michael Bolton When I'm Back On My Feet Again Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2014 04:28:36 PM

Gonna break from these chains around me
Gonna learn to fly again
May be hard, may be hard
But I'll do it
When I'm back on my feet again
Soon these tears will all be dryin'
Soon these eyes will see the sun
Might take time, might take time
But I'll see it
When I'm back on my feet again

When I'm back on my feet again
I'll walk proud down that street again
And they'll all look at me again
And they'll see that
I'm strong

Gonna hear the children laughing
Gonna hear the voices sing
Won't be long, won't be long
Till I hear them
When I'm back on my feet again

Gonna feel the sweet light of heaven
Shining down its light on me
One sweet day, one sweet day
I will feel it
When I'm back on my feet again

And I'm not gonna crawl again
I will learn to stand tall again
No I'm not gonna fall again
Cos I'll learn to be strong
Soon these tears will all be dryin'
Soon these eyes will see the sun
Won't be long, won't be long
Till I see it
When I'm back on my feet again
When I'm back on my feet again
I'll be back on my feet again

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true inspiration/ reviewe:GOMOLEMO SIA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/14


what i will do.... | Reviewer: Mara Itumeleng | 9/14/13

I heard this song on my friend phone then i realise that everyone on my class must feel my presence.....and that im the one who must pass better than them all when this year come to an end .....i will do them all when im back on my feet again!

My healin song when im back on my feet again | Reviewer: Smangele snunery | 2/18/13

I heard it 4rm my bradas disc n i rememba de wz a tym whn i wz tnking of droppin out @varsity because of being sick n my rum mates knew dt i lvd d song so they playd m a song now i completed my studies n im workin jst because of this song everytime something wrong comes up i play d song dan il b healed.

Its Giving me hope | Reviewer: Dipuo | 12/20/12

I have been thru a lot pains,hurts & heartaches in my life,at some point i regarded myself unluckiest person on earth but after listening to the meaning of the soon i have hope and know that someday i will learn to smile-i will be on my feet again

nelly | Reviewer: pamela | 7/26/12

i really do love this song so much. i got it from my friends laptop, heard it and all i could was just cry becos it does noting else but to bring mi back to were feet. its really nice and i just sing it every day to inspire myself for a better future. thanks so much Micheal, you are just great.

A booster | Reviewer: Ellen | 11/7/11

Suferd a heart break, lost ma honour n felt so invisible n so small. Heard this song at a frnds place. The lyrics piercd thru ma hat bt instead of hurting me, ravishd me so much that lngd 4 mre of it. My feet regaind its springs n ma bowd head was raisd once mre. Thnk u micheal 4 such a boosting ingrednt in the sng.

An inspiration | Reviewer: Jeff mwangi | 9/7/10

Av been thru alot n am stil struglin to ovacome hurdles in my life, n wen i first listened to this song on a local radio station i wept uncontrollably, but @ the end it gave me some renewed hope n strength to fight on!michael bolton seems to be adresin our problems n worries in a special way!everytime the song plays i alwez get emotional bcoz its so touchin!A nice song and an inspiration.

It real touches ma heart,rosemary frm kenya | Reviewer: Rosemary | 6/30/10

I have been thru some stuff in the past,bt i stood tall,,i heard this song on a local radio station and straight away i felt emotional,so i checkd the song on waptrick .com and it wasnt there so i went for the lyrics,i felt deeply wth every verse, ,,i wish i can get the song its self..

Great Song Helps You Get Pass Trouble Times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/09

This song has such great meaning to me I just learn that I have non small cell lung cancer, stage 1b, when I hear this I know that I can beat this and I will beat this. The lyrics makes you realize that you can get back on your feet again, I know I will get back on my feet again.

Jim in Botswana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/08

I am currently recovering from cancer. I am also in my 33rd year of recovery from alcohol addiction.

I was driving today and only picked up the song on a local station, as it was half way thru. I know I have heard it years ago but today it hit me in my heart- very hard. I have spent several hours tracking down the name of the sogn and now the words. Powerful stuff. I hope he is still in recovery.

Tremendous Song of Renewal | Reviewer: Bob Potvin | 9/10/07

This particular song tells of when a person's luck turns for the better! I'm back on my feet now and it feels good... after maybe 6 years.It is a song of "hope" when times are tough. Life's tides go out... and they come back in... if you retain hope, optimism, creativity and belief in one self... and I ain't stopping that I'm back on my feet again!

Inspirational | Reviewer: Katherine Cremin | 8/18/07

My son is struggling with some "stuff", and really identifies thru music. I find this inspirational to him, and believe he will see a message of hope.

Close to my heart | Reviewer: Brenda Peters | 6/26/07

This song has had great meaning in my life& will always be my strength in life.