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John Fogerty WASN'T THAT A WOMAN Lyrics

Last updated: 08/17/2001 03:20:07 AM

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Wasn't that a woman! (X4)
Oh, yeah!

(Wasn't that a woman) Took me by surprise,
(Wasn't that a woman) Uh-huh, right between the eyes.
(Wasn't that a woman) Well, I hope to believe,
(Wasn't that a woman) Made a schoolboy outta me.

Oh yeah, I got it badly, ain't too much to figure out;
Bam boom, and she had me. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

(Wasn't that a woman) Watch me, watch me, watch me runnin' down the line,
(Wasn't that a woman) Ain't she fine, ain't she fine;
(Wasn't that a woman) Well I'm chasin' after that,
(Wasn't that a woman) Uh-huh, pure Cadillac.

How! Oh, yeah!


(Wasn't that a woman) Whoa smile on my face,
(Wasn't that a woman) Turn every head in the place;
(Wasn't that a woman) Oww, such sweet agony,
(Wasn't that a woman) Whoa 'cause she's leavin' here with me!

Wasn't that a woman!...
(various shouting and talking)

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