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Voltaire was born in Havana, Cuba in 1967. He emigrated
with his family to the U.S. as a child and settled in New
Jersey (a fact he never stops complaining about!)

"Voltaire is a singer/songwriter whose music has its roots
deeply imbedded in European folk music. His songs speak of
love and, most often, the loss thereof with the added twist
of how best to seek revenge on the ones who have hurt you.
Lyrically, he explores and reveals those moments of
vulnerability most would rather not discuss and exploits
with childish abandon those More...

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Review about Voltaire songs
Hey Alex | Reviewer: Voltaire
    ------ About the song Land Of The Dead performed by Voltaire

Put a little mustard on that mustard yo, I need y'all fresh and funky.
This song was kinda just me working out some really dark things.
Like my basement.

I was cleaning it at the time, and I kept tripping over skeletons and things and I was just HEY SONG IDEA.

But anyways Alex wanna see my basement?

WENDIGO! | Reviewer: Jeremy Long
    ------ About the song The Devil And Mr. Jones performed by Voltaire

WENDIGO! WENDIGO! WENDIGO! its "eating all you know, as a Wendigo" a Wendigo is a Native American spirit that comes about when a human eats the flesh of another human and grows wild and becomes immortal. i'm sorry for getting upset but the song makes no sense the other way.

I'm Evil | Reviewer: The Devil's 10 Year Old Daughter
    ------ About the song When You're Evil performed by Voltaire

I love this song! Oh, how I wish my parents would let me go Goth! Either way, this song kicks butt! And for anyone who doesn't know, Lord Beelzebub is the Devil (go Devil!). When you're evil... * flashes creepy smile that shows insane evilness*

my music sucks | Reviewer: Voltaire
    ------ About the song Vagina Song performed by Voltaire

Yes thats right my music sucks because of the fact that my music is 100% computer generated and that a retarded monkey would have a better voice than me and the fact that all my viewer base is composed of dumbfucks who dont understand what real music is allows me to write lyrics thst suck however this set of lyrics that i recently wrote about hairy vaginas was a real hit

OH MY GOSH This song is hilarious | Reviewer: Azuli
    ------ About the song Cannibal Buffet performed by Voltaire

Now I know where to look for the lyrics! To Voltaire: Your are absolutely bonkers and your lyrics are very clever. Please keep making songs, hopefully for a decent portion of my lifetime. (I'm a teenager BTW)

Awesome song | Reviewer: The Devil Herself
    ------ About the song When You're Evil performed by Voltaire

Its nothing to do with the princess and the pea, its just voltaire singing about bad luck and how the pea was a pain in the ass for the princess. I totally love all of voltaires songs so much, he's so inspiring for artists because he sings a bit of everything, from ballads, to flamenco to more serious songs. And he has pointy ears. Take that.

Response to Sergio | Reviewer: Kertez
    ------ About the song God Thinks performed by Voltaire

Well, this kid made me laugh, I didn't even bother reading through it all to be honest. You do realise, that Jesus was titled 'King of Jews' right?...
Gah, why am I even responding. I love this song just because it sums up all religion and the fools who follow it.
Enjoy living in fear of your fake creator.

to all god fans, LEAVE IF YOU ARE SO DISPLEASED! | Reviewer: lalaloopsy
    ------ About the song God Thinks performed by Voltaire

for all who see Mr.Sergios message (who by the way is a latin, yes like me, but where the fandom of catolicism comes from) um, what are people like him doing here if they dont like things like this at all. What are they looking for? dont they have a god to praise?
apart from that, voltaire has a great ability to portray lyrics the way they should be. He says all he wants to say and with amazing music.

pea beneath your bed | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When You're Evil performed by Voltaire

this is from the story of the princess and the pea about a girl that was so spoiled and pampered she couldn't sleep on her bed of 10 mattresses because of a pea that had been placed under the bottom one - the last line of the verse explains the purpose to make you wriggle and writhe - to make you uncomfortable

fear | Reviewer: sergio
    ------ About the song God Thinks performed by Voltaire

God does has he pleases, your opinion does not count, when you boast these lyrics you become an hipocrite, god cannot lie.
You better be in his good side or face destruction, the jews killed his firstborn, and he forgave then, who ever nows jesus also knows God, because everything he did had Gods consent.

Jesus is king of the earth whe are his property he does of us has he pleases, he is righteous and truthfull, if you hate him you hate yourself, our bodies are bound to the law of this earth but our spirit if he wants never will it die.

Whe have science, whe have filosofy, critics of all sort but if science exists is because he wants so, if a person descovers something is because he desired so, but know this all knowledge of man is nothing compared to the knowledge of the stupedest in the heavens, he can turn water into wine, he can walk over seas, he can calm the storms, he can expel evil, he can resurrect the dead, if he wanted he could turn stone into bread he could move mountains just bey hes words, can science do any of these things, he knows the secrets of life the secrets no man knows.

But only faith will reveal it, for whoever has faith the laws of the earth do not apply.

so what do you think now.

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