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Damien Rice Volcano Lyrics

Last updated: 01/28/2014 05:18:05 PM

Don't hold yourself like that
cause You'll hurt your knees
well I kissed your mouth, and back
But that's all I need
Don't build your world around
Volcanoes melt you down

And What I am to you is not real
What I am to you, you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask for the sea

Don't throw yourself like that
In front of me
I kissed your mouth, your back
Is that all you need?
Don't drag my love around
Volcanoes melt me down

What I am to you is not real
What I am to you, you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask
What I give to you is just what I'm going through
This is nothing new, no, no just another phase of finding
what I really need is what makes me bleed
But like a new disease, Lord, she's still too young to treat
Volcanoes melt you down
She's still too young +what iam to you+you do not need+is not real
I kissed your mouth
You do not need me

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meaning of volcano/blowers daughter | Reviewer: justabigfan | 1/27/14

Evident ally Damien used to work at a call center selling mortgages/ home loans. He met a girl, the daughter of the man he was calling for. He became intrigued and despite his job's policy, he continued to call for about a month to speak with her...often talking for over an hour. One day, the calls stopped. Damien obtained their address, went to their house, hiding in a hedge...n there she was...the same beautiful voice, in a school uniform. She was too young...

Fifty shades of Grey?? | Reviewer: Kpm | 9/7/13

This song is perfect for Fifty shades of Grey... somehow, it explains what happens between Ana and Christian, I don't know, just reading what you said, it just pop in my head... Love the song, it is perfect...

Intense, Deep, Profound Love | Reviewer: Paulina Asturias | 8/22/13

He is the volcano that might get hurt if she gets to close, wich is why they say how the strength of the heat will melt her. He states he is not real 'cus he does not want her to go through falling in love with someone who gets easily affected by his sorroundings. They know every single corner of each others passionate side but he still desires for her not to need him. I can absolutely relate to he song 'cus I deeply love and whenever you let yourself fall into the arms of true sensations your pears might not understand it and your beloved one might not be able to handle your need to devour life.

love hurts | Reviewer: brianna | 12/18/12

baby don't break my heart heart heart heart haeeaarrrttt I luv u a u know it

The reason | Reviewer: She | 8/12/12

It's a love story between two people almost imaginary known in a volcano and there from which the entire surreal love story, she falls for him deeply, and years pass and pass and she is not able to tell the as he loves and that love does not seem to notice, he has other interests and states of consciousness that are most important to discover.
apparently for the connection that was not real, although deep down he knows that if I agree with the other she was always innocent, and was his first love, is thrilled to be up that made ​​him see the reality is that not interested any type of connection with her.

Forbidden love | Reviewer: Val | 6/2/12

It seems that this song is about a forbidden love. She is too young, yet he loves her so he goes no further than a a few stolen kisses. She wants love and commitment, he can not give her, so he does not go further than the stolen kisses. He does not dare go further, he does not want to hurt her and knows that would be what will happen if he goes any further for she is young and innocent. What a beautiful song.

Love's a game of sacrifice | Reviewer: Heart and Soul | 5/18/12

I have two thoughts about this song. The first one: Though it seems like the guy is pushing the girl away, he is actually sacrificing for her sake. He indicated many times that he cares for her like how he doesn't want her hurt and she's still to young to treat.
My second understanding about the song is that their love isn't really true. They're just there for physical attractions and something is always missing. The way the one party sees it, there's only a 'want' but never a 'need'. Either way, I love this song!

volcano mystery | Reviewer: bella | 5/12/12

i think it's about a man that spokes to a little woman about Impossible love try'n to explain way - Different needs Different point of view Different state of mind.. deep down he's hoping that she would understnad his tThoughts

tone, lyrics => meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/12

The song says a i thought i'd break them in more manageable parts.

1st, the tone: poignant, sad, confused, almost helpless, some element of tugging or push/pull, giving in/giving up, also note the pleading and/or cracked voices. This to me suggests no intention to be mean, or wanting to hurt someone.

2nd, the lyrics: He asks her to not build her wolrd around him because he believes he doesn't deserve her and that he is unable to return - in same measure - that which she already gives to him [miles and miles of mountains or perhaps a lot of understanding?] and how she continues to give despite him asking for more or asking for other things [and i will ask for the sea].

After he mutters this is all he needs [he does not really mean it...he's lying here...this is a bluff...see more on this below], in fact, she expresses disbelief, like she's asking, she's checking...oh, really? Is that all i mean to you? Coz you give me a lot, too [you give me miles and miles of mountains], although unlike him, she is not looking for anything else [she is not asking for the sea like he does].

He asks her to not build her world around him, not because he does not care about her: in fact he does, i.e., in the first sentence he indicates he does not want her to hurt her knees. He does care for her.

However, he is internally turmoiled, and has been for sometime. And that no matter how much she gives, he will go back and forth to being turmoiled [i.e., nothing new...makes me bleed...disease...too young to treat...some condition he has perhaps that he can't get over with?].

Overall, this is kinda sacrificial love on his part: he'd rather set her free or start to condition her to not give him so much love, than hurt her by his recurring 'situation' or whatever it is that he is dealing with internally [this is nothing new...]. He does acknowledge how much she loves him [you give me miles and miles of mountains] but asks her to not build her world around him coz he does not deserve her...
[you do not need me]

The reason why i say he was just lying when he said 'this is all i need' coz he negates this seeming-casual reference he expressed in the first stanza against the utter helplessness he expressed in the last line of the song when he emotionally muttered to her, "you do not need me," i.e., in a cracked voice.

Dang, i just discovered this song, and i love it...

Storm Reverie, 2012-05-10

gut-wrenching | Reviewer: SillyGirl | 5/10/12

This is a 17 year old girl in love with a 22 year old sailor. He has kissed her mouth and back and known not to take her all the way. She knows nothing further than school, babysitting, and part time jobs. She is mature for her years, but only as mature as 17 will let her be. She knows nothing of his philandering, and at times, drunken ways. He is a beautiful man. He is all she wants. But he has been out in the world for several years and experienced things she has no knowledge of. The end will come when she realizes even though he has said all the right things and shown her undivided attention, she cannot give him what he wants right now in the moment. She does not know how to be that girl yet. And he is not willing to wait. She will get her heart broken and not understand until much later. I know, because this girl was me.

Great on idol | Reviewer: Gpa | 5/10/12

Philip killed this song on American Idol! The girls mouth is the volcano rim and the kiss on the back is the lava running. A young love is forbidden to build upon and unstable.. Nonetheless brilliant !

something | Reviewer: Bianca | 2/23/12

This song reminds me a lot of my long lost love, and the words he never said.
I was the mountain, i was standing there for him. I was there for him, unchanging. HE feels only quiet love for this little mature girl who tries to understand him and give him all her love. But he wants something else.. The volcano is the passion, the love she feels, that melts her down, consumes her. Both are deeply in love but with other reactions and expectations..
The "miles and miles of mountains" are earth elements of stable relationship, he sees a perfect predictable future with her.. thats why he wants the sea.

Volcano | Reviewer: jassmine | 1/2/12

For me, is a song about a girl (younger than him) that doesnt realized what she has in front... she gives "miles and miles of mountains but he will ask for the sea". then it says "what i am to you, is not what you are to me", something she doesnt need cause she's still young to find out.

Stunning | Reviewer: lisa | 3/12/11

WOW.....Ok i read everyone's comments...I love all the different interpretations of the song....I guess it means something different to all of us...AH the POWER of music :D

The strings in this song turn it into something so 'bittersweet' and 'heartbreaking'....and sometimes when you hear them at a particular point....this sounds crazy, but they sound like tears/crying....see....crazy :D

I don't interpret this 'STUNNING' song as 'unrequited' love.....Or her being in deeper than he is.....To me, they are in as 'deep' as each other.

To me the singer and his girl are arguing with each other....This song is their dialogue to each other but also sometimes, their internal monologue.

'Don't hold yourself like that
You'll hurt your knees'

He's telling her something she doesn't want to hear...hence, her being in a 'defensive' position trying to metaphorically protect herself from his 'emotional' attack......It's obviously the way he's interpreting her 'emotional state' considering what he says to her.

'I kissed your mouth and back
That's all I need'

He's telling her that the 'superficial' is all he needs from her....Basically"please don't fall for me.....i don't wanna fall for you".... but he's trying to convince himself of it too....doesn't sound very convincing to me!!

'Don't build your world around
Volcanoes melt you down'

He's telling her not to depend on him...he'll let her down in the end...the 'VOLCANOE' metaphor to me is simple.......He's a 'destructive volatile force' that will mess up her life....but also, if you read between the hear his inner monologue...this guy doesn't like himself...baggage...and lots of it.

'And what I am to you
Is not real
And what I am to you
You do not need
And what I am to you
Is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I ask for the sea'

This is both of them...but he's dominating the song/argument....He's telling her that she feels more than he does...It sounds to me like he's trying to hurt her, but at the same time protect her from him....Push her away to make it easier on both of them...He's also making 'asumptions' on the depth of her feelings for him....The fact that he's saying this tells me, that this guy is not in sync with the girl at all....He's being 'patronising' here, but strangely comes across as 'needy' too....Like i said baggage!!

The last 2 lines stick the knife in IMO - Let's interpret the 'symbolism' of the mountains line.....Mountains are jagged and vast and difficult to in, a rockier path....She's the hard path.....He's too broken or afraid to fall into this...He doesn't want to risk what comes with mountains....fear...the unknown....She wants to give him everything, but when you open yourself up to love...the power is taken from're not in can be cut AGAIN!!

He wants the sea - The 'easier' path....the sea won't cut him like the mountains's easier to's smoother and safer, but it's still dangerous...if he doesn't fall, she can't cut him.....but he'll still be cut....cause he's afraid to need her, like he clearly does.

'Don't throw yourself like that
In front of me'

Now it's her turn....i interpret this line as "i know what you're can't pretend with me....i see through your bullshit", if you listen to what he says....he's as vulnerable as it gets....He's character assasinating himself to her.....She's calling him on it.

'I kissed your mouth your back
Is that all you need'

He kissed her mouth and back....she's kissing his mouth, his back........she's the less damaged/more healthier of the two....he's convincing himself that it's less than what it 'REALLY' is.....She's showing him it's not....he can't make it about 'SEX' like a lot of guys try to.....Their connection is more intimate, and deeper....She's posing the question "do you really believe that" to him but at the same time (inner monologue) calling him on his lies.

'Don't drag my love around
Volcanoes melt me down'

She's telling him to stop the bullshit....she may be the more healthier of the 2....but he's wearing her down....this sounds like a hell of a lot of 'frustration' on her part....."what is wrong with can you be so messed up...I love you.....why can't you see that"

'And what I am to you
Is not real
And what I am to you
You do not need
And what I am to you
Is not what you mean to me'
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I ask...'

Both singing again....this time she's dominating the song/argument....quite simply, she's repeating to him what he's said to her....Does she believe it...HELL NO....The fact that she's not asking for the sea tells me this....She wants the harder path cause he's there...she's all in...less afraid than he is...She really is the more healthier of the 2!!

'What I give to you
Is just what I'm going through
This is nothing new
No, no, just another phase of finding
what I really need
Is what makes me bleed
Like a new disease
But lord she's still too young to treat'

He's back...but this time his voice is more forceful.....He's telling her that whatever he gives her is isn't healthy...cause he's not if he's feeling sad/angry/bitter/depressed....he gives her that by association....People who don't like themselves very much tend to think like this.....they believe that if they don't like themselves, how can YOU....but they like you, but because they can't believe that you could care for them...they push, to make it easier on themselves.....they see it as, not losing what you never had....It's a way for them to protect themselves, but miserably....cause they want it....but are too afraid to reach for it.

Because he sees himself as a 'messed up destructive VOLCANOE'.....he wants 'messed up destruction'...Ya when people turn to drink/drugs/sex to mask and numb the pain they feel...He can't do nice, cause he wants it to hurt.....he's in a 'masochistic' phase cause of how he feels...He wants to BLEED.....She can't make him bleed, cause she doesn't want to hurt him...she wants to heal him...He doesn't want to be healed...he wants to go down in 'flames'...but he clearly loves her, cause he doesn't want to drag her down into the flames with him...If he felt nothing...we wouldn't have this song.

She's quietly in the background, but he's dominating again.....Her voice is whisper thin, but there...She's in his thoughts....behind his walls...that terrifies him.....The 'young' line to me is not about age, but symbolic of their 'emotional' states.....She has the more 'mature' emotional state, cause she's not carrying the baggage he is......He's carrying LOT'S of baggage, so he considers her the younger of the's very self pitying...ya know, how beaten/broken/weary you can become when you have issues...Those issues can suck you dry...trap you in your head....You 'age' in a symbolic way....Life is less about 'rose tinted glasses' and becomes more about the 'harsh realities'...Like losing your innocence, but in a symbolic way.

'She's still too young/ Volcanoes melt you down
What I am to you/ Volcanoes melt you down/ She's still too young
Is not real/ Volcanoes melt you down/ She's still too young
What I am to you/ Volcanoes melt you down/ She's still too young
You do not need/ Volcanoes melt you down/ She's still too young
She's still too young/ Volcanoes melt you down/ She's still too young'

This last part of the song is the most telling to me....inner monologue, mixed with argument....his voice alternates between, clear and a whisper, but you notice that her's doesn't....quite telling really.....he's arguing with himself...she's arguing with him.

Her "volanoes melt you down".....this sounds like she's saying it's affecting her....ya know, how long can you be with someone before they end up 'damaging' you, as much as they are themselves...but isn't this what he's afraid of...he's kinda got a point....he can try to push her away to protect her from the 'volcanoe' but what happens if she's already fallen for him....isn't pushing her away more damaging....of course, he doesn't believe that she could feel that way about him, hence the cynical patronising at the start can't win really...if it's gonna will....nobody has that power!!

His "she's still too young....what i do not need"....soft...clear...back and a 'mantra'...he's trying to convince himself of this...OH HE CARES ALRIGHT....he wouldn't need the 'mantra' if he didn't......She can't treat his disease cause he's convinced she'll be infected in the process, but he's also somehow convinced himself that 'BLEEDING' will help treat it....classic self loathing...stick with what you know.....a big ole safety blanket!!

'You do not need me'

This last line is sung so 'meek'...i think on's not strong...his voice cracks....He doesn't want this relationship/her....but he wants to 'NEED' this relationship/ don't hear her at the end...he has the final say....cause this is all about him....

This guy is f**ked up....emotionally repressed...afraid to name it...sounds like to me, he'll wallow in his misery/self destruction, but will regret this decision BIG time....This whole song sounds like he's struggling with himself more than he is struggling with her :((

I don't want to start rumours here....but i heard that 'Damian' wrote this about 'Lisa' and him.....considering how he's pining for her now, and regrets the relationship ending, really puts this song in perspective...well, thats if it's true...i don't know, but if so, you get a little look inside his head....a beautiful but uncomfortable look :((

sorry if it's too kinda spoke to me, and i got carried away <33

Leo Augustine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/11

What i get from this song is that a man is with a woman who obviously does not share the same feelings the man does. I do believe this is from the perspective of the male. I have interpreted it in this manner because i got out of a relationship that is essentially the same. The woman did not share my feelings and essentially treated me in the manner that this song describes.
"What I am to you is not real
What I am to you, you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me"

At the very ends of the relationship that last line applied. Of course it could be argued that the last line actually gives evidence that the narrator is female however i believe it can be interpreted with both spectra. The first two lines accurately describe what the relationship was like till the end.