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Beyonce Knowles Vois sur ton chemin Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2014 04:48:34 AM

Vois sur ton chemin
Gamins oubliés égarés
Donne-leur la main
Pour les mene
Vers d'autres lendemains

Sens au coeur de la nuit
L'onde d'espoir
Ardeur de la vie
Sentier de gloire

Bonheurs enfantins
Trop vite oubliés effacés
Une lumière dorée brille sans fin
Tout au bout du chemin

Sens au coeur de la nuit
L'onde d'espoir
Ardeur de la vie
Sentier de gloire

[American Boy Choir]


Vois sur ton chemin
Gamins oubliés égarés
Donne leur la main
Pour les mener
Vers d'autres lendemains

Sens au coeur de la nuit
L'onde d'espoir
Ardeur de la vie

Sens au coeur de la nuit


Sentier de gloire!
Sentier de gloire!
Sentier de gloire!


Sentier de gloire!!
Sentier de gloire,ok

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Give Beyonce at least a little credit! | Reviewer: Singer427 | 1/7/14

I've been reading through some of the comments in here, and yes she did slaughter the French, but being an internatiol super star, she probably had 1 week- 5 days to prepare it, so give her at least a LITTLE credit!
P.S. She also does have a good voice. And remember this is not Beyonce's song!

Please change the artist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/13

Please remove the 'by Beyonce Knowles' from this song. The only reason that she is associated with this song is because she sang it during an awards show. The song was not written for or by her, it was written by Bruno Coulais for the French film 'Les Choristes' and was performed by 'Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc'. Please give credit where credit is due.

Dear Gobeyonce is trailer trash... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/10

woah... WOAH ok I am sorry to waste your time but please, aren't we all on this site because we love this song, and beautiful music in general? While I completely disagree with gobeyonce's view on beyonce's performance and their view on the "stupid french language" in general. I have to say that your comment was both INCREDIBLY offensive towards Gobeyonce and americans in general. I love the french language, it is beautiful so i was also infuriated at reading Gobeyonce's shallow generalization of the language but you took your anger WAY to far. The racial and hateful comments you made about "trailer trash" was completely uncalled for. You picked on a group of people who live like they do, NOT because they want to but because they are too poor in this plummeting economy to afford any better. You frankly disgust me, I don't care if you were "hurt" by what Gobeyonce said you would have shown more class if you simply picked on her instead of following the "idiot rednecks" example and insulting me and the rest of America. I am not "white trash" I am a hard working middle school student who wishes that i didn't have to deal with hatred from the rest of the world for simply being born american. Your country is one of the worlds wonders, it is home to art, beauty, intelligence, and some of the most fascinating buildings on the planet. I would hope that you could represent your country better than you are. so "good night" sleep well bon nuit, au revoir, and sweet dreams.

GoBeyonce is trailer trash | Reviewer: GoBeyonce - G F yourself | 1/15/10

GoBeyonce - go F** yourself - your comment would have more validity if you didn't take a crack at the entire french language by calling it stupid - because then you are no different then those who criticize english speaking people - you dip $hit. You need to get over yourself and just to generalize (like you did) you arrogant ignorant Americans need to get over yourselves and realize that you are far from being the most perfect creatures on the planet- you loud mouth bigots who live in trailer parks with your white trash trailer park family - how is that for generalization GoBeyonce? The point is that Beyonce F***ED UP THE SONG, this was not a matter of how she pronounce certain words - but the fact that NONE of the words sounded like they should have - having an accent is much different then inventing an entirely new language, which is what Beyonce did. No excuse for her - if she couldn't do it then she should have turned it down. I am 100% bilingual in both french and english so I know what I am talking about - she has an amazing voice, but unlike American Idol (france version) this is not about losers trying to become famous this is about a "professional" who should know better - comparing the two is absurd and there is no link. Horrible version by Beyonce. Good night GoBeyonce, sleep tight in your trailer park that you share with your mentally half-sibling (aka spouse) and the 6 children you both share - idiot redneck

Je suis d'accord avec toi | Reviewer: selftaught | 11/23/09

That girl can sing.....en anglais mais pas en français! Beyonce, I feel sorry for you, they made you do it didn't they? Don't be too hard on her people, she does what the record companies tell her! And yes, she massacred the song in french! I can't believe they are selling it as she sang it. It was composed and written by Bruno Coulais for Les Choristes!

She killed the song !!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/09

spell the words right! sans not sens
Beyonce killed this song- not only was her pronunciation horrible sheput all the trills in. listen to the version from the french movie "Les Choristes" its so much better.

Argh... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/08

I'm agreeing with Tara and John...
And don't give us this crap about her being American.I have an American exchange student who can sing better. And she's sixteen.
Beyonce can sing really well! Just in her own genre and in English. Not French.

Ugh... | Reviewer: Tara | 3/13/08

She BUTCHERED this song, I learned this song in two hours and used it to audition for our schools chamber choir, I then sang it for our French teacher and she applauded me on my wonderful pronunciation. I do not take French, and have not been exposed to it besides this song, thats all you need to learn the song...the original. She is a wonderful singer in what style she sings, but I do beleive someone would have done a better job than her.

oh dear | Reviewer: john | 12/26/07

She absolutely butchered it....absolutely. It lost all meaning and tone when she sang it. Her pronunciation was quite bad, and frankly, she should stick to hip hop and whatnot...

I love it | Reviewer: Liz | 6/30/07

The boys choir was beautiful...BEYONCE did a WONDERFUL JOB...It's the first time I heard this song...I loved it

why did they put it under beyonce? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

Personally I think the song is better if it was under Les Choristes as the artist or whatever.
Beyonce somehow just took away the kid's voices, like the mood and stuff.

Go Beyonce! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/07

Overall, I think Beyonce did a teriffic job with this song. Yes, she mispronounced many things, but who the hell cares? She is American, and she was singing on an American awards show. I don't understand why French people were so offended by her performance. The French complain that their language is not represented enough in the world, and when a great American singer sings a French song for the world to hear, the French complain some more. I watch France's singing competition "Nouvelle Star," which is a lot like American idol. I found it enjoyable to watch these French singers butcher classic songs like, "Heartbreak Hotel," and "Light My Fire." I took absolutely no offense. French people need to get over themselves, and their stupid language.

Beyonce did a great job though she mispronounced!!!! | Reviewer: *Cool Guy* | 5/19/07

Beyonce did pronounciate words wrong here and there. However, it is her first french song, and never being exposed to french before, especially in a song, is quite amazing. Who knows, maybe she had only a week to prepare that, in my french class, which has being going all year long, nobody can pronounce as good as her....
Beyonce did an amazingggggg job! :]

I did not write this french mess!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anjanie McCoy | 11/5/06

I did not write this french mess!I saw this on here.And I tried to tell them that I did not hear Beyonce sing this french stuff anyway.And they got the nerve to put my name in saying that I did write this but I swear I did not.So Sing365 needs to change my name to someone else's name cause I did not write this french mess!!!!!!!!!!!

She Did Good For A First-Timer | Reviewer: Randall | 10/6/06

Let's not hate her for taking a risk. She did well for this being her first french song. Plus she probably only had a week to prepare!!