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The The VoidyNumbness Lyrics

Last updated: 11/02/2000 01:00:20 AM

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Can't love or be loved
Can't touch or be touched
And he's lonely
He can't love or be loved
Can't touch or be touched
Yes he's lonely

And now he's all stressed up
With nowhere to go
He's drunk 25 pints of Amoco

Numbness. Voidy Numbness
Got the Numbness
v-v-v-Voidy Numbness

Another drink, another girl
Another life in another world
He's a phony
Well, well, he ain't superstitious
But he's feeling mighty strange
That rinkle, tinkle tink
Of no-one on the phone again

Quit drinking the drink
Jump on the train
He gotta watch the rain beat upon the rain
He gotta feel his shame beat upon his shame
He gotta know his pain by it's real name
Know his pain by it's real name

v-v-v-Voidy Numbness

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