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Andrea Bocelli Vivo Per Lei Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 05:50:32 PM

Vivo per lei da quando sai
La prima volta l'ho incontrata
Non mi ricordo come ma
Mi entrata dentro e c'è restata
Vivo per lei perche' mi fa
Vibrare forte l'anima
Vivo per lei e non un e' peso

Vivo per lei anch'io lo sai
E tu non esserne geloso
Lei e' di tutti quelli che
Hanno un bisogno sempre acceso
Come uno stereo in camera
Di chi da solo e adesso sa
Che anche per lui, per questo
Io vivo per lei
E' una musa che ci invita
A sfiorarla con le dita
Attraverso un pianoforte
La morte lontana
Io vivo per lei
Vivo per lei che spesso sa
Essere dolce e sensuale
A volte picchia in testa ma
E' un pugno che non fa mai male
Vivo per lei lo so mi fa
Girare di citta' in citta'
Soffrire un po' ma almeno io vivo
E' un dolore quando parte
Vivo per lei dentro gli hotels
Con piacere estremo cresce
Vivo per lei nel vortice
Attraverso la mia voce
Si espande e amore produce

Vivo per lei nient'altro ho
E quanti altri incontrero'
Che come me hanno scritto in viso:
Io vivo per lei

Io vivo per lei
Sopra un palco o contro a un muro...
Vivo per lei al limite
...Anche in un domani duro
Vivo per lei al margine
Ogni giorno
Una conquista
La protagonista
Sara' sempre lei

Vivo per lei perche' oramai
Io non ho altra via d'uscita
Perche' la musica lo sai
Davvero non l'ho mai tradita
Vivo per lei perche' mi da
Pause e note in liberta'
Ci fosse un'altra vita la vivo
La vivo per lei
Vivo per lei la musica
Io vivo per lei
Vivo per lei e' unica
Io vivo per lei
Io vivo per lei
Io vivo
Per lei

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Vivo per lei | Reviewer: ELISA | 10/17/14

I listen to this song for the first time a few weeks ago after I saw his concert and listen to it every single day at first I thought it was about loving a woman/child then I realised it was about his love for music.Best song I ever heard will continue to listen to it every day for as long as I live thank you Andrea you are the best so much talent so many emotions and so much joy I hope to came and see your concert in Tuscany one day may God bless you and your beautiful family always .

Best song ever | Reviewer: Thomas | 5/15/13

This is the best song ever I can appreciate opera and not pop and rock crap

I am planning to have all his songs at my birthday next year

Andrea bochelli is the best singer on earth isn't he?

Vivo Per Lei | Reviewer: Cherie and Matt H. | 3/18/13

Soooo beautiful! The first time I heard this song, we were watching the performance from Tuscany; a duet with Heather Headly...oh my goodness. Amazing. Champagne in hand...we sat frozen, side by side, with tear-filled eyes. It was extraordinary.

i love andrea | Reviewer: ogedegbe susan doye | 9/30/11

i love the song. It takes my breath away. I live for you. Even d video was spectacular,the skating the luvly atmosphere. I love andrea for composing such song. I realy do not know what d song means but i know i live for u

Vivo Per Lei | Reviewer: vumile Nobaza | 7/9/11

Everytime time I listen to this song it takes me to the world unknown to me that only my heart can fantasize, this song is everytime I want to reconnect to my inner world!

It will live forever ndiyabulele(thank you) Andrea

sing or try ..your voice is unique | Reviewer: Hamza | 1/23/10

This song is a great one , where the singer takes us to another world, a world for beauty and love, I didn't like the german version but the Italian version is too awesome and the spanish version as well,

omg.... | Reviewer: moe | 7/3/09

oooooooh myyyyy godness.....
i adore music, i adore italian lang. , i adore pretty voices..
andrea pocelli you are all of that some...
i am tryin to do the same but i never think it'll be..
thank you in behalf of all music lovers.. almost infinity thanks for that's immortal song

listen to the spanish version | Reviewer: meli | 6/22/09

this song talks about music!
i watched the video on youtube with the ice skaters... didnt like it! the italian-english mix doesnt go with me!! i love the spanish version though! its awesome!!!

vivo por ella- Andrea Bocelli && Martha Sanchez

and by the way, he can't read... He's blind!!!

"Vivo Per Lei" on u-tube | Reviewer: Juls | 4/3/09

I first viewed the U-tube version ths past week. As the ice-skaters skated, and I listened to the music and Andrea's voice, I was lifted to a high place of pure wonder, amazement and beauty!

I doubt seriously that Andrea reads these posts himself, (how would he have the time?) but if you do, Andrea, magnifico. Julie

vivo per lei CRAZY | Reviewer: fans | 10/19/08

when i listen to this song for the first time ifeel that i am the heroein of this song.that he spok about me and my lover
so thanks for this immortel song.............................................

wonderful | Reviewer: charles | 10/8/08

Dear Andrea, after listining to the song, I fell in love with the song and after reading about you I was amazed how God has blessed you with wonderful talent. We are planning to sing this song in our school. God bless You.

Andrea Bocelli | Reviewer: ALi | 7/29/08

I went to see him once when i was 3 in the Fox Theatre. I don't remember it though. I have such a love for his music. His voice is like that of an angels, welcoming, warm and beautiful. When i was little i would sing along to his music, and now at the age of 14 i still do. i hope to see him again, or even more so to sing with him. It has always been one of my dreams. i have even memorized almost every song of his by heart.

Lyrics in English-- yes, it is about love for music. | Reviewer: gianna | 7/8/08

I've lived for her
Since the first time i met her
I don't remember how, but
She came inside me and stayed
I live for her because she makes
my soul vibrate strongly
I live for her, and it's not a burden

I live for her, too, you know
and don't be jealous
She belongs to all who
have a need that's always on
like a stereo in a bedroom
to one who's alone and now knows
that she is also for him; because of this
i live for her

She is a muse who invites us
to stroke her with our fingers
through a piano
death is far away
I live for her.

I live for her who often knows
how to be sweet and sensual
sometimes she strikes you, but
it is a blow that never hurts

I live for her, i know she makes me
travel from city to city
and suffer a little, but at least i live

It hurts when she leaves
I live in hotels for her
It grows with extreme pleasure
I live for her in the vortex
through my voice
it expands and produces love

I live for her, i have nothing else
and how many others i meet
who, like me, have it written on their faces:
"I live for her."

I live for her
on a dais or against a wall
I live for her to the limit
...also in a harsh tomorrow
I live for her to the edge
Every day
a conquest
the protagonist
will always be her

I live for her because now
I have no other way out
because music, you know
is something i've really never betrayed

I live for her because she gives me
rests and notes with freedom
if there were another life i'd live it
i'd live it for her

I live for her, the music
I live for her
I live for her, she is unique
I live for her
I live for her
I live for her.

vivo per lei | Reviewer: Tessy | 3/18/08

This song is so wounderful and so emotional even though i cant get the meaning, but mere listening to it will take you far. I hope that someday someone will send the english version to me at Andrea, you are a gifted and amazing singer. I admire your voice at alot.

I know what they're singing about | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/18/08

hey guys, so i was just reading ur reviews and although this is a beautiful song, they aren't singing about a love for each other...they are singing about their love for Music, sorry to break it to you