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Vision Biography

Last updated: 05/17/2003 01:51:53 AM

"WATCHING THE WORLD BURN" You're in the middle of Anytown, USA, shoulder to shoulder with the restless masses in some steaming club that's definitely breaking every occupancy rule in the local fire code. Around 11 p.m., five otherwise anonymous idiots grab their instruments and stumble onto the undersized stage. With the first power chord, the crowd goes into frenzy, flailing arms and diving off the stage in a state of chaos unseen in these parts of Middle America. By night's end, the band is spent, the crowd is battered but ecstatic, and the local police have donned their riot gear. Vision has converted the masses in this tradition virtually every weekend for the last 12 years. Whether playing for 2,500 in New York or 150 in Toledo, Vision offers its brand of high-energy hardcore punk and raises a stiff middle finger to the passing bandwagon. With more than a decade of fat riffs, melodic hooks, in-your-face vocals and introspective lyrics under their belt, Vision are one of the few bands that consistently churn out kick-ass tuneage with zero regard for mall culture, stereotypes or pop icon wannabe bullshit. Though the band has performed with countless national acts in the U.S. and Europe, Vision has for years been a headlining attraction itself. Voted one of the 10 Best Live Bands by Thrasher magazine, Vision continues to play to a growing legion of enthusiastic fans. With last year's addition of Todd Hamilton, formerly of NY hardcore legends Warzone, the pieces are in place and the juggernaut has been launched. Despite the convenience of industry trend and million-selling punk bands, Vision refuses to be pigeonholed into one musical genre or another. Drawing its sound primarily from late 70's/early 80's hardcore and punk, Vision incorporates a melting pot of musical influences and styles. Whether it's The Alarm, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley or Jethro Tull, Vision's favorite wax is a small indicator of the diverse musical taste and talent each member brings to the band. But don't be mistaken . . . After 12 years of chaos and controversy; Vision has not lost the aggression or integrity of its hardcore roots. With several full-length CDs, EPs and many compilation records under their belt, Vision respond to musical mediocrity of the modern world by raising the bar with their best work yet - Watching the World Burn. Comprised of 12 tracks featuring Vision's trademark speed, vocal melodies, crunching breakdowns and anthemic sing-alongs, Watching the World Burn is the barometer by which great hardcore punk music will be measured for years to come. Fuck the bandwagon - enter Vision. Here are a bunch of press quotes from record reviews that have been written over the past several months... "Vision plays sing-along hardcore that's familiar sounding, but inspired.... charged with youthful energy." - Alternative Press "Pop-informed "ohh" and "ahh" choruses transform the band's crushing double axe work and heavy-handed rhythms into anthemic punk sing-alongs...just as hardcore was meant to be." - No Barcodes Necessary "Anthem after anthem, powerful production, football stadium background vocals, and tight guitars. This band plays a good mixture of early DAG NASTY and current PENNYWISE. Every now and then this stuff grabs me, and this is one of those releases." - Maximum Rock 'n Roll "These guys keep up a healthy clip throughout, and their hook-filled hardcore maintains a wistful resonance and burning adrenaline." - Suburban Voice "This is no sissy pop-punk, this is raw, politically-charged, anarchistic, old school punk" - Exclaim