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Celine Dion Virginie... Roman D'amour Lyrics

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[Virginie... Love Story]

Virginie...roman d'amour
Virginie jolie
Dans cette ile ou tu as vu le jour
Paul a vu le jour
Lui aussi
De rencontres en rendez-vous
Vous avez grandi
Dans le grand jardin aux arbres fous
Ou chante l'oiseau
De paradis

[ story
Cute Virginie
In this island where you were born
Paul was born
As well
From meetings to rendez-vous
You have both grow
In the garden with crazy trees
Where sings the bird
From paradise]

Je voudrais qu'un jour un garcon me regarde
Comme en ce temps-la ce garcon-la te regardait
Etre aimee comme il t'aimait a chaque page
De ce livre oublie

I would like that some day a guy looks at me
Like in those times that boy was looking at you
Be loved like he loved you at every page
From that forgotten book]

Virginie...roman d'amour
Virginie jolie
Dans l'eau claire ou Paul cherchait tes yeux
Tu cherchais ses yeux
Toi aussi
Vent du large et fleurs au vent
Parfumaient la nuit
Et l'amour n'avait que deux enfants
C'etait Paul et toi
Devant la vie

[ story
Cute Virginie
In the clear water Paul was looking for your eyes
You were looking for his eyes
As well
Wind from offshore and flowers in the wind
Were perfuming the night
And love only had two children
They were you and Paul
Facing the life]

Je n'ai lu que le debut de votre histoire
On me dit que ce beau livre finit tristement
Mais vos noms ne laisseront dans ma memoire
Qu'un sourire eclatant

[I only read the beginning of your story
They tell me that this beautiful book ends up sadly
But your names will only leave in my memory
A shining snile]

Virginie...roman d'amour
Virginie jolie
Dans cette ile ou tu vivras toujours
Paul vivra toujours
Lui aussi

[ story
Cute Virginie
In this island where you'll live forever
Paul will live forever
As well]


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