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Celine Dion Virginie...Love Story Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2010 11:00:00 AM

(Eddy Marnay / Christian Loigerot - Thierry Goeffroy)

Virginie...roman d'amour
Virginie jolie
Dans cette île où tu as vu le jour
Paul a vu le jour
Lui aussi
De rencontres en rendez-vous
Vous avez grandi
Dans le grand jardin aux arbres fous
Où chante l'oiseau
De paradis

( story
Cute Virginie
In this island where you were born
Paul was born
As well
From meetings to rendez-vous
You have both grow
In the garden with crazy trees
Where sings the bird
From paradise)

Je voudrais qu'un jour un garçon me regarde
Comme en ce temps-là ce garçon-là te regardait
Être aimée comme il t'aimait à chaque page
De ce livre oublié

I would like that some day a guy looks at me
Like in those times that boy was looking at you
Be loved like he loved you at every page
From that forgotten book)

Virginie...roman d'amour
Virginie jolie
Dans l'eau claire où Paul cherchait tes yeux
Tu cherchais ses yeux
Toi aussi
Vent du large et fleurs au vent
Parfumaient la nuit
Et l'amour n'avait que deux enfants
C'était Paul et toi
Devant la vie

( story
Cute Virginie
In the clear water Paul was looking for your eyes
You were looking for his eyes
As well
Wind from offshore and flowers in the wind
Were perfuming the night
And love only had two children
They were you and Paul
Facing the life)

Je n'ai lu que le début de votre histoire
On me dit que ce beau livre finit tristement
Mais vos noms ne laisseront dans ma mémoire
Qu'un sourire éclatant

(I only read the beginning of your story
They tell me that this beautiful book ends up sadly
But your names will only leave in my memory
A shining snile)

Virginie...roman d'amour
Virginie jolie
Dans cette île où tu vivras toujours
Paul vivra toujours
Lui aussi

( story
Cute Virginie
In this island where you'll live forever
Paul will live forever
As well)


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paul oh my paul...look at you.. you are grow baby?..ooh,you are amazing now? funs,so cutes,..yeach my kitten,I've fallen no more...I can't believe that you've appeared shape of myself with more fantatic,did you know baby,when I was born you were fall down too and we are from one islands,so priti.don't you know in meeting to rendezvous yasterday that it's we both grow in the garden with crazy trees where sings the birds of with your trumpet in hand,you with feared show,you on clean water ocean gone looking me and me to,so spark of this love begin to grows and more,I knew this is my last endlessly the searching for,right here I am your harbour baby?..
If used to could I lullaby and caress you yet,cant't comfort your cries,can't talking about about fairy tale take you sleep cause here still I am learning about this soul,this does I want give myself,wine and some bread for gone hard work at along nigh just to us freedom make we will be joying this,never is nothing I went wars with you it's so in vians.I hope you are uderstand baby?..yes indeed know what I want,so I want be made this love only have we both like I've come in my amazed island...ooh being kinda,know what it's take and gives,how baby?...say"yes"..or...ooh...!...I ever hear you speak "okay",it's so nice so will life with me forever in this island like in nirvana,baby, you know what I feel right now,yes...Iam jumping all time cause the bells gone ring in may yesterday,it does one steps for us,smile baby?...ooh good.don't worry bab...I've found some stocking and it's for real.let go adventure with me in heaven and much toys which you want to be.bay the way what are you doing now?....